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Chain Belt

Chain Belt || The Accessory You Need To Upgrade Your Summer Looks

If you were to ask us about one accessory to add to your summer wardrobe, our answer would be the chain belt. The beauty about them is that they are so versatile, meaning that they can be dressed as trendy or classic pieces easily. Imagine what a metallic chain belt can do for your monochromatic, neutral, or even simple multi-colored outfit. 

A Chain Belt With A Dress

If you are wearing a simple dress, a chain belt can take it from day to night in no time. Try adding a studded, charmed chain belt to your black dress, or wrap a gold chain belt around a flowy white dress for an elegant than ever look. 

If you are wearing an oversized shirt dress, a chain belt can cinch your waist and put all your proportions together nicely. 

A Chain Belt With A Skirt or Pants

Wearing a skirt? Simply add a chain belt over a circle skirt to cinch in your waist. Accent your tailored black pants with a silver chain belt to take your look to a new level. Go for gold chain belts with your white wide-leg pants. 

A Chain Belt With A Jumpsuit

Either low around your hips or cinched at your waist, the chain belt will look great with jumpsuits. Just make sure that your jumpsuit does not have belt loops, especially if your belt is long enough to be wrapped around multiple times. 

A Chain Belt As a Body Jewelry

If you are wearing a crop top, it may look super cool if you added a body chain to your mid-section. Use a thin metal belt chain belt as body jewelry, as chunkier ones can distract from the waistline. 

The thing with chain belts is that you can’t wear them like your regular belts as they are considered a more statement piece. So here is how to do it right.

1 || Accessorize Sparingly

Because chain belts are considered a statement piece, you can saturate your look with loud accessories when wearing them. Too many competing elements can overwhelm the outfit. So make sure to keep everything balanced out by pairing your metallic belt with solid colors and minimal patterns. 

2 || Put It Below Your Waist

For your chain belt to look nice, it should fall loosely around your midsection, hitting you somewhere between the waist and hip. So make sure to wear it loosely. 

3 || Choose One With Playful Elements 

Chain belts come typically in a silver or gold base. But you can go for more playful options with black leather, colored beads, or statement charms. 

4 || Layer Chains

Take your chain belt to the next level by wearing two complementary chain belts or an extra-long one wrapped twice to create a draped, double-chain look. If you decided to layer, stick to solid clothing pieces as patterned ones may overwhelm the eye.