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Petite Women

Styling Tips Petite Women Should Live By

Petite is a good thing so we are not trying to make these women look taller… we just want them to get the best of what they have. And trying to look more elongated, doesn’t mean trying to look taller. Here are some of our top styling tips to highlight the beauty of petite women’s shapes.  

1 || Identify Your Own Shape

Because the market is flooded with clothing that is not for petite women, you tend to ignore your own shape just to accommodate what’s in the market. A petite woman’s waist sits in a particular place, and just because 9 out of 10 of the dresses she tries on the waist is not sitting in the right place, it doesn’t mean that that’s where her waist, it’s not! It’s just that it’s not the right shape for her. So the first thing to do if you are petite is to acknowledge the fact that the market is not in your favor and if it takes people two tries to find something that they like, for petite women it’s gonna be much more. Because the last thing you wanna do is to buy something that doesn’t fit in the right place. You need to find a jacket that fits properly on the shoulders, also you need to find a skirt or a dress that sits at your waist, even you when it comes to your jeans’ crotch, you need to find a one that sits properly.

The bottom line, knowing that the market is not in your favor is no big deal. Just take more time and get it right. 

2 || One Color Head-to-Toe

The idea here is to give the eye a wider range to look at so you look more elongated. If you are wearing a white t-shirt with a black skirt, for instance, the look will be cut on the waist making you appear more petite. However, if you are wearing white with camel or beige you’ll give the illusion of an elongated you, which is the goal. 

3 || You Need To Have a Good Seamstress 

Most things are not created for petite women. And some of the tell-tale signs that make people look messy are for instance sleeves that are too long or a skirt that is just not the right length. So having a good seamstress is something you need to take into consideration as a petite woman. 

4 || Do Not Try To Pretend That You’re Tall!

Please! Don’t try to look taller by wearing really high heels as you will look nothing but ridiculous. You’ll actually look like a little girl wearing her mom’s shoes. So our advice to you is to really be proud of your height and shape. Also, do yourself a favor and wear a maximum of 7 centimeters. Yes, from a proportions perspective we all need a little bit of height but wearing very high heels for a petite woman to look taller is ridiculous. 

5 || The Best Look For You 

Wide-leg, tight-waisted pants with a platform shoe look super on any petite woman. Why? Simply because it gives height, as there will be a wide space to look at from her waist all the way down to the end of the pant.

6 || Play On the Feminity

To be small is a beautiful thing in the feminine world. So it’s nice to capitalize on your feminity and wear things that are feminine but NOT GIRLY. By that, we mean things like hourglass shapes, fitted waists, or nice deep necklines. In other words, go the sexy route. How? Either show skin or if you don’t want to do so, you need to be wearing fitted clothing either on the bottom or on the top. Wearing loose clothing that is also showing no skin is really unfortunate because you’ll end up looking like ghosts. Also, you need to steer away from things that could make you look like little girls. 

7 || The Shoes

When in doubt go pointy. A pointy or an open shoe instead of a closed one will give you a more elongated look. Also, always stick with shoes that show a little bit more skin so a pump or strappy sandals are some of your best options. Again, don’t do the girly thing! Yea, we love the round-toe shoes but for some reason when worn by a petite woman they make her look like a little girl.