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transitional Style Guide

Your Winter-To-Spring Transitional Style Guide

If you’re struggling with dressing up during this time of the year, know that you’re not alone. Unstable weather conditions can make it challenging and frustrating to choose the right outfit in the morning. That’s why having a transitional wardrobe is crucial at this point. However, the process of preparing your closet for the seasonal change doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are a few style tips that can make transitioning into the new season effortless.

1 || Smart Layering

ransitional Style Guide

When you master the art of layering, you will get away with weather changes during the day. During this time of the year, you want to lighten your load but still layer strategically. A sweater (in a bright color maybe) with a button-down shirt or tee underneath, a midi skirt, and sandals with socks. Or try a wool jacket with a sleeveless top, a duster jacket with a maxi dress, or a V-neck sweater matched with boxer shorts. The rule: go half covered, half not.

2 || Colorful Rain Boots

ransitional Style Guide

Not only will they keep you warm during the seasonal transition, but will also add a stylish touch to your outfits. With a variety of lengths and styles to choose from, there’s something for everyone. Consider opting for a colorful pair to add a pop of color to your transitional looks. Additionally, investing in tall socks to wear underneath the boots can create an extra stylish touch by allowing the socks to peek out just over the top of the boots.

3 || Spring Suiting

ransitional Style Guide

If you find yourself struggling to decide what to wear during the transition from winter to spring, it’s always a good idea to rely on classic styles and silhouettes that are always in fashion. One of the best examples of this is suited separates, which consist of a well-tailored blazer and matching trousers. This combination creates a sleek and stylish look that’s perfect for this time of year. To complete the outfit, consider wearing a sleeveless mock neck sweater or turtleneck underneath the blazer.

4 || Let It Bloom

ransitional Style Guide

Flower print comes naturally during the spring season. So floral-printed items are a must-have at this part of the year. Slip on a floral dress and you are good to go.

5 || Springy Outwear

ransitional Style Guide

The main item in any transitional closet. Make sure to have a variety of different-weight jackets for any occasion. Replace your big puffer jacket with a puffer vest. In addition, it is important to have lightweight outerwear options such as denim jackets, bomber jackets, chunky cardigans, and possibly lightweight hoodies in your transitional wardrobe.

6 || Think Tights

ransitional Style Guide

Now that temperatures are slowly but surely getting higher, you can set aside your black opaque tights. The warmer it gets, the more sheer the tights can be. Once the degrees rise a bit, you can opt for fishnets as they won’t provide warmth but will create an illusion of coverage.