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Flared Leggings

How To Style Your Flared Leggings

Ok, so you have purchased your favorite flared leggings… Now what? 

If you stood in front of the mirror trying them out and fell in love with them but have no idea how to style those leggings, you are not alone. 

To make things more clear for you, here are our tips and tricks on how to style the piece of the moment. 

1 || It Has a Lot to Do With Your Shape

Flared Leggings

If you tried your leggings out and didn’t like the way they look, it might be because you haven’t considered your shape when styling them. Apple bodies, for instance, are heavier at the top and slimmer at the bottom, which is cool, but when wearing a bulky top they loose proportions. So if you have an apple shape, it is important to match your flared leggings with a V neck to soften your breast area, and a jacket or a blazer to cut your body in half at the front. Also, roll up your sleeves, as showing the wrists makes you look slimmer. 

Got a tomboy shape? Lucky you! Tomboy shape means that you don’t have a lot of curves meaning that you can afford to wear the flared leggings with a short top without coming across as overly sexual. Try a cropped bomber jacket or a cropped sweatshirt. Unlike with apple shape bodies, wearing a top that is open in the front will make you look even slimmer so to create some sort of shape-wear something with an effect or horizontally striped. 

2 || To Heel or Not To Heel

Flared Leggings

The longer your legs the more likely you can carry off the sneaker look.

Otherwise a platform sandal or sneaker is best. 

3 || Details On The Pants

Flared Leggings

Cargo pockets, sheer details, cutouts and zippers draw attention to specific areas, make sure where they sit is what you want to highlight.

4 || How Flared is Flared

Flared Leggings

It all depends on the fabric. The softer and thinner the fabric the easier it is to carry a wider flare. Heavier knits (that are used when pockets and other details are added) are just too heavy for a super flare. 

5 || The Slit

Flared Leggings

If you do like the slit detail, do yourself a favor and keep it on the side. Center slits are best reserved for heeled and dressed up looks.

6 || No No to Camel Toe

Flared Leggings

One down fall of this super stretchy pant is the possibility of camel toe at the crotch. Make sure you aren’t riding your pants up too high, that create an unflattering V at the crotch. And to be on the safe side: wear a panty liner. 

Pro tip: if you are self-conscious of the crotch area, put a chain or double belt on to draw attention away from the crotch  area. And towards the waist instead. 

7 || Derrière Camel Toe (Yes it is a thing)

Flared Leggings

They haven’t invented the term for camel toe of the derrière but it’s a thing! Have you ever seen a woman confidently wear a thong with stretchy pants and literally show her behind to the world, cellulite and all! 

Boy shorts are definitely a better option when you need some support in the derrière department and also some modest coverage.

Also, make sure the fabric of your pant doesn’t fall into your butt crack 😂😂 no more details required 🙂 We’ve all seen it before and cringed

Wedgie on the display for the world to see, seriously no need.

8 || Is Your Pant See Through? 

Flared Leggings

Just like with leggings, some pants become sheer when they stretch across the derrière, creating a sheerness that is anything but appropriate.