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How To Pack For Your Holiday Like A Pro

Long time no travel! But now we finally got back into the game. However, you might feel a bit confused when it comes to packing strategies. Things will be much easier if you take a more thoughtful, systematic, and organized packing approach. Whether you love to travel with your full medicine cabinet or bag collection we’ve got you. Here are all your packing questions answered.

1 || Have You Chosen The Right Bag?

Before you start thinking of what to pack you have to find the right bag that is as versatile as you need while also fitting all your stuff and that is easy to carry. Some factors that you need to take into consideration while choosing your bag are the destination you’re going to and whether it’s international or not, the length of your trip, if you’ll be using a budget airline and your primary activity. Another important thing to consider is to buy a high-quality bag that will make your life much easier during your vacation as the last thing you want is to travel with a piece of luggage with a broken wheel, handle, or zipper. Remember to always choose a lightweight, versatile, and big enough bag to hold all your travel essentials.

2 || Do You Use Packing Cubes?

Things can get a little messy when you get to your destination and start unpacking. Here where packing organizers come in handy. Invest in some good-quality packing cubes and organize your essentials depending on the category so you can easily find what you’re looking for whether it is tech accessories, toiletries, hair tools. These small bags will get you every last centimeter of packing space. Feels too much organized? believe us you can never be too organized while vacationing.

3 || Do You Have A List?

Make a list and make sure that everything on the list has a place. Section your list into categories to make things easier start with head categories like fashion, toiletries, makeup, beauty essentials, and medicine. Your fashion category can be split into subcategories such as daytime, evening, swimming, etc.

4 || Did You Know These Packing Hacks?

For Beach Trip:

  • Pack pieces that will multitask: A slip over your bathing suit for a fun look, then add heels for drinks at night.
  • One flat and one special shoe are all what you need for a beach vacation.
  • An extra tote will come in handy!
  • Sunscreen is mandatory. Invest in a fancy one you’ll want to slather all over.

For Road Trips:

  • Pack thin layers pieces instead of bulky outerwear.
  • Trust us, this is the trip you\’ll wear your denim and leather jacket over and over again.
  • Bring snacks! You never know where you’re going to be stranded without that specific strain of gluten-free-sugar-free granola you so love.
  • Dry shampoo is everything.

For Glamping Trips:

  • Don’t forget your chic sunglasses
  • Prepare for the weather. You might need a waterproof jacket for rainy days.
  • Comfortable shoes are a must. The ideal pair will facilitate a full day of exploring, while still looking nice enough for casual dinner.

5 || Do You Tend To Get Cold During Summer Nights?

Make sure to pack a pair of warm socks, a light jacket, or a big scarf to use as a blanket. Even if you are traveling during summer, nights can get cold sometimes.

6 || Do You Pack Your Water Bottle?

Who’s gonna pack a water bottle you may ask? But believe me, it is important especially if you want to avoid buying plastic bottles every hour. What you may not know is that most airports have refill stations!