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How To Wear Your Baggy Pant This Season

The baggy pant from the Eighties is back.  This time though it is a reincarnation of the baggy jogger from those endless weeks of full lockdown that started last March 2020.  Perhaps one of the biggest issues we face as adult women, no longer in our twenties, is that most of the models that show off these clothes on the runways and photoshoots are not our age.  So the first thing we tend to do is go back to our heyday for inspiration because we can still remember how we used to wear it.  Stop doing that, it like wearing blue eyeliner 🙂

Ok so, you can’t dress like that 5’9 model, so where do you go for guidance?  We’ve put together for you a list of tips to nail this tricky trend!

1 || Keep Things in 2021


This means avoiding any accessories or styles that you used to wear with this particular pant in the Eighties, even if it is trendy today.  I have always said, if you wore it as a teenager, you cannot wear it in the same way again…  Therefore let’s eliminate stone-washed jeans, the bolero jacket, and of course the wedge sandal or nude pump.  Another issue you may have is courage actually, you may find yourself opting for the flared jean instead of the baggy pant, and that would also date your look as it is not on-trend… Go big or go home we say!  Here’s how though.  One more tell-tale sign of the Eighties is the tapered baggy pant, ensure your baggy jeans this season remain flared to the very end.

2 || What Shoes?


Well now that I’ve taken wedge sandals and nude pumps out of the equation, you may be reaching for your vintage Converse sneakers and the truth is, unless you are tall and slim, baggy jeans with flats just won’t do anything for you.  There are a number of choices that will work, firstly the barely-there sandal, showing pretty toes in the summer is timeless so go for it… Secondly, a clog that is very on-trend or even a round-toe pump will do in a funky color like white or silver, nothing too classical.  Thirdly, you could opt for a square toe shoe or bootie in black or white.  Lastly, you can of course consider a flatform, which is basically a platform sneaker or flat shoe.

3 || Define Baggy


If you are wondering whether or not you can get away with your favorite flare being classified as a baggy pant then your crotch length has the answer.  Baggy pants are by definition baggy, even at the crotch.  So if your pants are fitted and fitting your hips and crotch well then you are not wearing baggy pants.  The thing is, baggy isn’t actually the issue when it comes to looking good in wide pants, it\’s the tidiness… Make sure that your jeans are tidy around the waistline, with tidy pockets and pleats.  Naturally the heavier the denim fabric the easier it will be to achieve this, but the flip side is, the more fluid the fabric the more slimming the effect, so find the balance that suits you best.

4 || Acknowledge Your Age


In a good way I think it is safe to assume that we are all over 26, in which case it’s time to dress like an adult when it comes to baggy jeans specifically.  Avoid any teenage references that will give people the impression that you are attempting to look 16 because you aren’t… Keep it smart when it comes to baggy jeans, opt for t-shirts with enough weight to sit properly, not too slouchy, tuck them in.  Perhaps a crisp shirt or a knit v neck, keep in mind proportions; so ensure that your tops are fitted to balance out the baggy jeans.

5 || How High is Too High


A large portion of baggy pants are high-waisted, the question remains how do you know what level of high-waist suits you best?  High-waisted by definition means above your natural waist but how high is too high? Well, it’s simple really: sit down and if your waistband is touching your bust then you are overdoing the trend.

6 ||You Need to Break it Up


When there is a lot of fabric involved, and baggy jeans are a good example then you need to off-set the excess by breaking things up.  That’s why one color top to bottom in a loose style is so hard to pull off if you aren’t relatively tall.    You can break things up using three very simple techniques; either show some skin in the form of a barely-there top or v-neck.  Or you can consider wearing a fitted top if you prefer to dress modestly.  Thirdly, if you are keen on wearing a jacket I would suggest you use a three-way color scheme that ensures that things remain clearly defined. With this season’s focus on pops of color, this three-way color scheme concept works really well.  Consider contrasting colors in similar tones, matched to a white t-shirt.  Alternatively, you can also choose the same color in two different tones, also matched to a neutral-colored t-shirt.