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Elevate Your Beach Looks With These Charming Accessories

Whether you like to dress your beach looks up or down, you’ll need to accessorize. it is the the magical touch that will elevate any of your looks instantly. By choosing the right beach accessories and match them well you will be taking your outfits to a completely different level. Wear a dress with a pair of slippers, a straw bag and a hat and you will have the perfect beach look of the day. Now try wearing the same dress with a little bit of gold accessories, high heels sandal and a sophisticated headband and ta-da you’ve got a super lovely look for your night dinner. Here are the best accessories that you should consider in your next beach trip. Enjoy 🙂

1 || The One And Only, Straw Bag


Pick a cute big enough beach bag to fit all your beach essentials with style. But make sure not to stuff it too much, otherwise it will look like a diaper bag. If you want to take your straw bag to the city, you can choose one with a classic silhouette, or even choose it in different color, black for instance.

2 || Have You Brought Your Hat?


When you shop your hat, make sure it checks all the boxes. Firstly of course enough coverage (but not too much, some are so big your lose the sun on your shoulders and chest), matches a number of your swimsuits, is in a neutral color and of course easy to transport (honestly if you need a seat in your car just for your delicate sun hat, then it’s not the right one!) Just because the hat looks pretty in blue, it doesn’t mean it matches all your earthy swimwear choices.

One more thing.. Make sure your hat fits your hairstyle Seriously. A lot of times women like to keep their hair protected under the hat in a bun.. And sometimes the hat can’t accommodate the bun without deforming your head.. just saying.

3 ||Beach Sunglasses


Can someone wish to head to the beach only to put their cool sunglasses on? Wow the summer sunglasses trends are just irresistible, you want to own them all literally. With all the shades and styles out these the sky is the limit.

4 || Bead It


Colorful beads are the name of the game this season. Match your swimsuit, beach dress or your swimsuit top and denim shorts with a colorful beaded necklace or necklaces. Elevate the look by choosing one that is adorned with seashells.

5 || Get Creative With Your Towel


Who said towels are not accessories? A great towel can actually turn heads on the beach. You can use it as a coverup too. So get creative and buy a not so familiar one. I know you might want to take some tanning selfie, why not do it with a a cute beach towel in the background.

6 || Invest In A Great Pair Of Slippers


When we say invest, we mean time.. not necessarily money.  You just need to be focused whilst shopping so you end up buying the right pair.  A lot of people wear great swimsuits, and coverups and hats and sunglasses and a silly old pair of flip flops.. don’t be that person. There was a time long ago when there were two kinds of slippers to choose from, good old fashioned flip flops or espadrilles that you bent in the back..  Now there is a sea, in fact an ocean of options from designer pool slides by Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana etc, to more realistically priced options from many great brands.  One more thing.. do not buy black beach slippers, they heat up very fast and they’ll be too hot to wear.

Happy shopping, and by that we mean, please concentrate..

7 || A Chic Chain Mask Holder


Let us face it, COVID is not over. You still need to wear a mask maybe not at the beach but whenever you move in the hotel or go to the buffet. A golden or colorful mask chain holder will not only add a cool effect to your outfit, but will also help you keep your mask clean and in handy.