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Summer Wardrobe

10 Essential Pieces To Build Your Summer Wardrobe

We love classic pieces. They make building our seasonal wardrobes much easier. But each season you need to update some of your tried-and-true classics to hit refresh and give them a modern touch. For summer, think crisp cotton button-down shirts, but in bold, bright colors and summer beach bags, in luxe leather materials rather than a typical straw. 

Just scroll through your Instagram feed and you will realize that this season’s essential pieces are playful and will give fresh life to your summer style. 

1 || The Button-Down Shirt Update: Bright-Colored 

The button-down shirt is a summer wardrobe staple, it makes for the perfect beach coverup. Easily dressed up or down; wear it with a pair of denim shorts for a casual look or match with a skirt and strappy heels for a perfect night out. This season, shirts come in bold and bright colors like green, blue, pink, and red. 

2 || The Handbag Update: Soft Volume Summer Tote

Luxe, soft leather totes in voluminous shapes are the new summer handbags. The cherry on top? These handbags hold just as much as you think they can and maybe more. 

3 || The Summer Shoe Update: Dynamic Strappy Sandal

Strappy sandals are having a moment. From the minimal strappy heels to ankle lace-up numbers, there is something for everyone. The strappy sandal for summer is the dynamic one. Think Bottega Veneta’s wrap-around sandal. 

4 || The Top Update: Long Sleeve Crop Top

Our dear crop top will always be our go-to for summer. But to elevate your look this summer, try a long-sleeve crop top to create a more interesting proportional effect. For a great source of inspiration think no further than Instagram and Pinterest. We suggest you match your crop with a long, slim-fitting skirt for an elongated look. Another hack is to skip neutrals for this look and invest in black and white for more sophisticated looks. 

5 || The Necklace Update: Playful, Beaded Layering

Playful is the best word to describe jewelry this summer. Think of matching your gold pieces with beach-inspired beads for a carefree summer aesthetic. Pearl-studded jewelry is having a huge moment this summer. If in doubt, choose a necklace that is already layered with gold chains and colorful beads.  

6 || The Shorts Update: White Tailored Trouser Short

The white tailored trouser short is considered a must for building your summer wardrobe. It is a simple way to elevate any summer look instantly.

7 || The Outfit Update: Matching Skirt + Top Set

Sets are here to dominate this summer. Whether you are enjoying your time at the beach, having a zoom call, or going out for dinner, you can’t go wrong with sets, especially matching tops and skirts. 

8 || The Sunglasses Update: Retro Rectangle Frames

All sunglasses trends are cool. But the one style that is having a moment this summer is the retro-inspired rectangle frame. With all styles out there, good luck finding your favorite one. 

9 || The Pant Update: Beach Trouser

You’ll need a pant to complete your ready-to-wear summer wardrobe. If you are asking: what exactly defines this staple? It is a beach pant with breezy details like wide-leg silhouettes, and breathable fabrics like cotton and linen, and is typically high-waisted to pair nicely with a bikini top or backless one-piece. Choose something that will go with everything in your closet, think neutrals. 

10 || The Summer Hat Update: Bucket Hats

We sound like a broken record at this point. The bucket hat is the hat of this summer. Loved and worn by A-list models, the bucket hat is considered a must to complete your beach look. Go extra and choose Fendi or Chanel’s hat or keep it minimal and stick to Prada’s iconic black bucket hat.