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What’s Your Style Persona?

Yes, being someone who wears everything is cool, but it might make things a bit messy. On the other hand, knowing your style might make your life much easier, as you will be able to know exactly where and what to choose when shopping for instance. 

Have you ever asked yourself what’s my style persona? In order for you to decide which style suits you better, we have brought you five need-to-know types of aesthetics. But before you decide on your style preferences, there are a few things to take into consideration. First of all, consider your lifestyle when picking your signature look. If you’re into beaches and afternoon of window-shopping, your aesthetic is boho-chic without a doubt. Prefer shopping at Bergdorf or other Fifth Avenue institutions? Head straight to the “uptown classic”. 

1 || Boho-Chic 

Style Persona

If you are an unfussy dresser and don’t take yourself too seriously then the boho-chic style is the one for you. Look for clothes with prints, textures, and funky details, like beading and fringe. This season’s most popular boho-chic trends are crochet and fringes. We love what Ulla Johnson, Altuzarra, Isabel Marant and Chloé offers. 

2 || Minimalist 

Style Persona

If we want to mention some brands that master the minimal aesthetic, the sky would be the limit. But  The Row and Celine can without a doubt top our list. If you love elongating cuts, roomy silhouettes, and a clean color the minimalist mood of clothing is the one made for you. What we love about minimal style is the tremendous attention to every little detail; each stitch is placed to perfection. The minimalist look will serve you greatly well whether hosting, running errands, or having dinner with a friend.

3 || Y2K 

Style Persona

The style that is ruling the moment. The more-is-more approach to dressing is what defines the Y2K aesthetic. Think micro-mini skirts, mesh tops, baby tees, and low-rise pants—tied together by as many hair clips and candy-colored baubles. Pick some items from Blumarine and The Attico and you will be good to roll. 

4 || Uptown Classic

Style Persona

If you seek perfection at every turn, the uptown classic is your style to go. Polished, pristine tailoring and conservative layering reign supreme, tied together by luxurious accessories are what define this look. The signature pieces that you’ll find in any uptown classic wardrobe are a tweed jacket, a neutral crossbody, and a pair of barely-there Manolo sandals.

5 || Maximalist

Style Persona

Are you a fan of logomaniacs, faux fur fans, and color-blockers? Hello maximalist lady! Texture, color, and movement, this type of style is for women who want to see and be seen. Think a pair of bug-eyed Balenciaga sunglasses or a foxy Saint Laurent coat.