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Conversation with Lameis

Mapping Success || A Conversation with Lameis

Join CIIN as we dialogue with Lameis, a multifaceted entrepreneur, visionary leader, and advocate for women’s empowerment. We will unravel the layers of Lameis’ remarkable journey, from her early aspirations in entrepreneurship to her impactful initiatives like UrbanStay and the Empowering Tribe. We will explore the essence of her leadership, the challenges she’s overcome, and the inspiring stories that define her pursuit of excellence. Get ready to be inspired and empowered by the transformative power of women in leadership.

What drew you to the world of entrepreneurship, and how has your vision evolved over the years?

From a very young age, I liked the idea of owning my own business, but I never really knew what that business would look like. I was always fascinated by home renovation reality shows because I liked the idea of turning an old and gloomy space into something beautiful and bright. 

After watching these shows for many years, it became a dream of mine to be involved in this field. I’m so grateful that I found a way to incorporate my love of business and real estate in UrbanStay, where I am a managing partner. UrbanStay’s mission is to find and buy apartments in central Amman, renovate them, and rent them out. It’s a lot of work but equally a lot of fun. 

With Empowering Tribe, you’re focused on fueling the growth of female leaders. Can you share the inspiration behind this initiative and the core mission you aim to achieve through this platform?

Conversation with Lameis
A workshop on AI and Public Speaking held in Dubai in January 2024

I came across the Empowering Tribe in September 2022 through a friend based in Saudi Arabia. The Empowering Tribe was started by a Lebanese entrepreneur called Christine Asouad, and it is a group of 100 female entrepreneurs (and growing) based in the region mainly between Jordan, Lebanon, UAE, KSA, and Oman. This group meets twice a month on Zoom and gets to listen to amazing speakers on different business topics. The speakers are from different backgrounds and countries, ranging from a London Business School professor and a Harvard professor to CEOs from different sectors to our very own members who share their knowledge and insights. We also have in-person sessions in each city every 8 weeks to connect and learn on a local level, which are organized by the different tribe leaders based in each city. 

I was the first Jordanian to join the group, and Christine approached me to lead and grow the Jordan chapter, which is what I am doing today. We aim to reach many more women to bring them together and inspire them through learning. I aim to give Jordanian female entrepreneurs a platform where they can learn and network with other female leaders in the region and possibly open up opportunities for themselves and others in the community. 

Throughout your entrepreneurial journey, what have been some of the most significant challenges you’ve faced, especially as a woman in business, and how did you overcome them?

I would say that the real estate sector is mainly male-dominated, but in my opinion, more and more women should be involved in real estate, as we have attention to detail, and owning several properties requires just that. There are a lot of details to follow up on when it comes to purchasing, maintaining, or renting a property. From sales or rent contracts to construction work and following up with contractors and maintenance issues, and finally, to styling of the property. I love doing each of those parts and I find passion in every detail. 

I would say that I don’t find challenges as a woman because I don’t let that stand in the way. My focus is always whatever I work on I achieve, and I don’t aim for less than 100%. 

Could you share a particularly memorable story or milestone from your journey with Empowering Tribe that encapsulates the impact you’re striving to make?

Conversation with Lameis
A workshop on how to start investing held in Amman in January 2024

I believe more women should be involved in all sectors and on all levels. We cannot succeed when half of us are held back. A great example of one female entrepreneur who was a speaker in one of the Empowering Tribe sessions was an inspiring Emirati, who had the idea of franchising her business but insisted on giving the franchise to only women, to empower them and give them financial independence. She was approached by some men, as her business model was successful, but she stuck to her vision and only made deals with women. She managed to give the franchise to 20 different women, making a great impact on her community. That is the kind of impact I would like to make, and that session and her story had a great influence on me.

Based on your extensive experience, what key insights would you offer to aspiring female entrepreneurs who are just starting their journey?

I would say, if possible, build a network of mentors, peers, and industry connections for advice, support, and opportunities. Try to use digital tools and platforms to enhance your business’s reach and efficiency. Moreover, stay informed about your industry, market, and trends to continually adapt and grow. Also, expect challenges and setbacks, but view them as opportunities for growth and learning.

Lastly, I would say the most important thing is to believe in yourself before anyone else believes in your vision, and you will make it!

How important has the role of community and networking been in your career, and how does Empowering Tribe foster a supportive community for women?

Community and networking play vital roles in any career, offering access to knowledge, opportunities, and support. For women, these networks can be particularly empowering, providing mentorship, resources, and a sense of belonging. Empowering Tribe fosters a supportive community for women by facilitating connections, sharing success stories, providing educational workshops, and creating safe spaces for open dialogue. This kind of environment encourages collaboration, boosts confidence, and helps women entrepreneurs to thrive.

In your view, how are emerging innovations and trends shaping the future of entrepreneurship, particularly for women?

Conversation with Lameis
A workshop on leadership held in Beirut in December 2022

I feel that emerging innovations and trends will significantly change the future of entrepreneurship, especially for women, by increasing access to capital, networks, and digital platforms. Also, the growing emphasis on diversity and inclusion is leading to more support systems and resources specifically aimed at women entrepreneurs, including mentoring, networking events, and dedicated funding opportunities. This evolving trend presents new possibilities for women to innovate, scale their businesses, and break traditional barriers to entrepreneurship.

How would you describe your leadership style, and how has it evolved as you’ve grown multiple businesses and now lead a community aimed at empowering women?

I would say that I have a great passion for leading projects and when I start something I make sure it is well done to the smallest detail. I learned through my different leadership positions that people are unique, and each can bring something special to the table. I learned to listen and learn from everyone around me and from that I learned that I could lead even better, as once I understood peoples’ needs, I could cater better to them. I learned a lot from Christine, the Empowering Tribe leader. From her wisdom I gained knowledge, from her strength I learned confidence and from her calmness, I learned to be calm in the most stressful situations! 

For those inspired by your journey and looking to join Empowering Tribe, what steps should they take, and what can they expect to gain from being part of this vibrant community?

Conversation with Lameis
Christine giving a session in Amman in February 2023

For any female entrepreneur that would like to join the Empowering Tribe, she can go to the Empowering Tribe website: On the website, there are further instructions on how to sign up. 

Other than Empowering Tribe you are the managing partner of Urban Stay and you also serve as the Honorary Consul of Mongolia. How do you manage your time and maintain a balance among your varied roles and personal life?

I do wear several hats and one of them is also being a mother of four! It is not easy to juggle everything that I do, but I have a great support system. I am surrounded by amazing women leaders that I count on for support and guidance. 

Effective time management strategies, such as scheduling and segmenting tasks for each role, help ensure that each responsibility receives the necessary attention. I allocate time for UrbanStay and the Consulate during the morning and leave time in the afternoon for my kids. Whenever one duty requires more of my attention at a given time, I give it extra focus. I try to do my best and manage my time wisely.