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Ink Martini

Our Exclusive Interview With Zain & Alia Al Saleh of Ink Martini

Founded by Zain & Alia Al Saleh, Ink Martini is High performance art-inspired activewear that ignites self-expression.

What inspired you to start an activewear brand?

My sister and I created Ink Martini to try  and solve the problem of unflattering and uncomfortable sportswear. We were always confused brand hoppers searching for the perfect brand. It was founded when we had a thought to create pieces with an overall aesthetic that never goes out of style. A stylish and comfortable alternative to casual wear using high performance fabric specifications.

Ink Martini, is an original name, how did you come up with it? 

Ink Martini

It’s no secret that we love art. From the moment we first decided to create a brand of our own, we knew it had to be inspired by the art world. We wanted our brand to be something that people would want to know more about ,something that would grab people’s attention and make them want to learn more.

We also wanted our brand name to be memorable, which is why we chose Ink Martini. The “ Ink” part of our name resembles our art inspirations from shapes to colors to forms. The “Martini” part of the name represents the lifestyle of our target customer: always on-the-go, balancing between work and play.

What do you mean by “art-inspired activewear”?

We started Ink Martini because we believe in the power of imagination. We don’t want to just wear our clothes we want to create in them.

Fashion is a way to escape the everyday. From the very first day, we’ve been inspired by our everyday reality, and diving deep into our imaginations to explore our inner worlds in a uniquely playful way. We want Ink Martini to be a brand that brings out the artist within us. We aim to create the most original and intricate designs in our collection, which is inspired by surrealism and the dream world. The brand aesthetic and art direction will take you to a place of inspiration, where you can connect with your inner creative self. We are also aiming to collaborate with creative artists in some future drops.

In your design process how do you blend fashion and activewear?

Ink Martini

Our collections are designed to seamlessly blend fashion and activewear. Our embroidered pieces, ruffles, and bright colors adds the edge to your workout look.

How does Ink Martini combine comfort and function?

We’re dedicated to making sure that you have stylish and comfortable workout clothes that are made with top-of-the-line fabric and design so that you can look your best while getting fit.

Who is your target audience?

The woman who is busy, and constantly on the go. She wants stay fit, but she doesn’t want to sacrifice her clothing comfort, style, or quality when she exercises. That’s where we come in!

What makes Ink Martini unique?

Ink Martini

Our products don’t look like ordinary activewear. Our pieces are designed to be the most versatile and functional pieces of clothing our customer may own, as well as one that supports their  activities in style.

What is Ink Martini’s personality?

Ink Martini personality aims to be exciting, daring, unique and imaginative.

Three words that describe your ideal customer.

Stylish, elegant, fierce

Other that Ink Martini, what is your favorite activewear brand?


What’s the Fall/22 trend?

We have always been drawn to appeal of tailoring, and its huge trend this fall. We would like to inject some polish into casual activewear looks, whether it’s through a classic blazer or slouchy wide-leg pant.

Leggings or yoga pants?

Ink Martini

Yoga Pants

What’s your fitness routine?

I do my best to motivate my sister and she’s a great motivator for me. We do a couple of sessions in the gym a week, weight training and cardio. On the opposite days we start our day with a 3k run.

How does Ink Martini activewear compliment your lifestyle?

Ink Martini

Making clothes that feel so soft on the skin,  and are flattering is what really keeps us so focused and motivated. Everything we do feels so much better when we are wearing our clothes.

Where do you see Ink Martini in 5 years?

We’re so excited about our future as a brand, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

We see ourselves expanding internationally, and we hope that Ink Martini finds its place in every woman’s gym and wardrobe rotations.