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Farah Bazlamit

Our Exclusive Interview With Farah Bazlamit Of Clwd Nine

Describe the core values of Clwd Nine. 

Bold, exclusive, and timeless.

What inspired you to create a clothing line that emphasizes femininity?

Actually, I was looking for modern minimalist clothing for myself that didn’t look dated and I couldn’t find anything special in the market. So I started to design and tailor some pieces for me to wear, and every time I wore those pieces, I got so many questions and amazing reactions. So I decided to establish a clothing brand that covers the gap and serves the niche market.

What makes Clwd Nine unique compared to others in the market?

We are not an average fashion brand looking to serve the masses. Instead, we craft unique apparel that embodies elegance, class, and personal style which inspires and makes a lasting impression.

What type of woman do you see wearing your clothing?

Farah Bazlamit

Women who are modern and chic, effortless in the way they approach style, gravitate towards styles that are very wearable to accommodate an evolving lifestyle but are also not afraid to make a statement.

What is the design philosophy for the brand?

A Contemporary, luxurious, and affordable brand that focuses on creating timeless pieces with a twist. 

Can you share some of your most popular pieces and what makes them special?

Bouni top, our signature piece, and our very first piece. Features a dropped shoulder, rounded voluminous balloon sleeve, and stand collar. This statement top can be worn for many occasions. 

How do you ensure the quality and comfort of your clothing?

Farah Bazlamit

To come up with a prototype, each piece takes around 4-6 months. We test the fit on different types of bodies before we start with production. Our pieces are mostly oversized.

What materials do you use in your clothing and why did you choose them?

Choosing fabric is the most important step. The wrong choice may lead to a big disappointment and we’ve been there. Usually, we don’t use specific kinds of fabric, as each fabric has its unique characteristics and advantages. In our latest collection, we used quilted fabric with genuine leather. Last year, we used linen, organic cotton, and scuba.

Can you tell us about the creative process behind each collection?

It starts with a design that I would want to wear. Something that transforms the whole outfit look. Sometimes I get inspired by the fabric itself by spending hours discovering textures at different vendors.

How do you incorporate boldness into your designs?

Our pieces are modern, chic, and timeless with a twist, whether it’s the sharp & edgy shoulders or the voluminous sleeves, that leaves an effect and makes a unique statement. 

Can you give an example of how you celebrate and embrace the femininity of women in your designs?

As mentioned previously, our pieces are timeless with a twist that unleashes women’s real self and makes them feel confident and stand apart from the rest.

How do you stay on top of the latest fashion trends while remaining the unique identity of your brand?

Lots of research, tuning into Fashion Weeks Street Styles, and following influencers and celebrities who speak my language.

What is the future of Clwd Nine?

Our goal is to expand and sell internationally in the biggest retailers. First and foremost, we seek for our customers to have a unique experience when they wear Clwd Nine. 

What message do you hope to convey through your clothing and brand?

Stay bold, stay exclusive, and adopt a unique style with Clwd Nine’s designs.

How do you hope your clothing will make women feel when they wear them?

Authentic, fun, stylish, and proud in their own exclusive styles.