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Natasha Quariab

Natasha Quariab || Your Guide to Self-Healing and Confidence

Get ready for a thrilling journey through the extraordinary world of Natasha Quariab, a transformational therapist like no other. Her story is filled with unexpected twists, remarkable transformations, and powerful insights that will leave you inspired and ready to conquer your path to self-healing and unshakable confidence.

Her journey is a rollercoaster of self-discovery, empowerment, and transformation. Her therapeutic approach is like a beacon of light, guiding you towards self-love, an unbreakable mindset, and a life filled with abundance. Buckle up for the ride of your life!

What inspired you to become a therapist specializing in self-healing and confidence building?

I was never planning on becoming a therapist. I was busy building companies and raising my child, but I was really, really, sick. As the years passed my health got worse and the symptoms were harder to ignore. Then I found out that the medication I was being given was slowly killing me. When I realized I was devastated, I knew I couldn’t keep taking it even though I couldn’t handle the symptoms I was feeling without it. Through the shock I decided, and I threw the medication out. I was determined to find another way. There was a lot of crying and praying. A few weeks later I discovered hypnotherapy and Rapid Transformational Therapy. I saw the remarkable results people were having and thought maybe this could be possible for me too.

I went back to studying and trained in Rapid Transformational therapy. The hope was to heal myself and regain control over my life. To my surprise and delight it worked! Part of me had hoped but not quite believed. It all seemed too good to be true. When I started, I was desperate and at a point where I had doubts that I would ever be well again.

I had been unwell for so many years I had forgotten what normal felt like, I had dragged myself through life, I was always doing something, but my body was exhausted and for the first time in a long time I had energy, it was awesome! I didn’t need any medication and my body healed itself, but it wasn’t just my health and energy that improved it was my whole life.

I felt like I had won the jackpot and I wanted to help everyone, everywhere, so I started helping people and seeing clients, there are little limits to what RTT can do so I went to town and helped with everything; losing weight, stopping smoking, money blocks, love blocks, phobias, depression, anxiety, autoimmune illnesses, unexplained infertility, stuttering, grief, anger, and though I still do that when clients come to me for help, I try to focus on my passion which is to inspire people to live amazing lives.

I believe that the two most important factors to living a great life are a healthy body and the confidence to step outside of your comfort zone, stand up for yourself, set boundaries, and embrace the unknown.

I feel super blessed to have discovered this amazing world of transformation and can’t believe this is not common knowledge, I suffered for so many years! How is this not taught at school? Imagine

how awesome the world could be if everyone knew this. It’s transformative, yet profoundly simple: “Change your mind, change your world.” My heart aches for those trapped in a cycle of suffering,

oblivious to the immense power nestled within them. So, the plan is to guide others towards unlocking this potential because I feel like my mission in life is to help as many people as possible live amazing, wonderful lives.

What is Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) and how does it differ from traditional therapy?

Natasha Quariab

Rapid transformational therapy is a combination of hypnosis, NLP, CBT, and other modalities. It works based on the rules of the mind, so it is very logical and it’s fast and it’s very effective. The reason that it is so powerful is it goes directly into the subconscious and to the cause of the limiting belief or cause of the issue and reprograms it from the root. That combined with a custom-made recording that is listened to for 21 days changes the original idea and makes the new upgraded thought familiar. The mind likes what is familiar. Once the subconscious mind is onboard everything falls into place. It is fantastic. 

In your opinion, what are the most common obstacles people face when trying to achieve greater health and abundance in their lives?

The biggest obstacle to both is limiting beliefs, leading to negative self-talk and a lack of confidence. 

Negative thoughts also play a role, so thoughts such as lack, and scarcity affect abundance.

Another obstacle when it comes to our health is the food that we consume. Though thoughts play a huge part, and they directly affect our bodies, we also need to give our body the tools it needs to do its job of self-healing. If we fill the body with toxins, it’s like putting weights on a marathon runner. The marathon runner is amazing, a fast runner, but you’re weighing him down and then you’re making him run that race. It might eventually be completed but won’t be as fast as it could be.

Though our body can heal, we need to treat it well with the food that we give it, the way we feel about it, how we treat it, and what we say to it.

How do you approach helping clients who may be struggling with low self-esteem and self-worth?

Many people struggle with low self-esteem and low self-worth. And different things can be done to improve it.

One piece of advice that I give all my clients is to write, I am enough in your mirror. Keep it as a password on your phone. Put it as a screen saver. Remind yourself of that because nobody’s born with low self-esteem and low self-worth. This is something that we’ve picked up, and we’ve picked it up from other people. We’ve seen or heard it somewhere; we’ve picked it up from someone else.

What we would do in the session is go back to the moment/s where it was picked up, and we want to look at it with grown-up eyes and see if it makes sense. And if it doesn’t make sense, then we want to reprogram it.

That would be how I would deal with that generally. But again, each person is very different. I would tailor the session more towards what that person needs, because sometimes as well, somebody will come, but they won’t be ready for hypnosis. The concept would be too new to

them, and it would be too overwhelming. So, for them, it would be a slower process. It would be more talk in the beginning, and other tools to get them comfortable and get them on board with trying hypnosis out. Sometimes the other tools are so powerful they might have gotten over the issue without the need to be hypnotized.

What role does mindset play in achieving abundance, and how do you help clients shift their mindset toward abundance?

Natasha Quariab

Mindset plays a huge role and it’s extremely important because it’s not so much the law of attraction, but it’s more the law of resonance, meaning that it must resonate for it to come to you. You must know that you are worthy of it.

You must feel like it’s already there for you to be a match to receive it. You must be vibrating on a level of appreciation and gratitude because like attracts like (meaning if you are feeling grateful, you receive more to be grateful for) those are the laws of the universe. We’ve been given many tools; that God has taught us. He says, if you give thanks, I’ll give you more. Be optimistic and you shall find.

When we’re resonating on the frequency of gratitude, and we are being optimistic that it’s coming our way and we’re feeling like it’s already there, then it gets received. Abundance relies very highly on our feelings and our feelings are caused by thoughts, so if you can control your mindset, you can regulate your feelings opening you up to receive.

The way I help my clients shift their mindset towards abundance is by guiding them to appreciating where they are, and what they have, and really practicing the giving of thanks, because that is key to receiving more. And I advise them to talk to God, I share that I am always thanking him and saying “Thank you God, this is so amazing. I don’t think it could get any better than this!” and every single time God makes it better because he is the most powerful being in the universe and he is your best friend.

Can you describe a particularly rewarding or transformative experience you’ve had while working with a client?

One of my favorite sessions that I’ve done was on a plane. A lovely older gentleman was sitting next to me with his wife, and we got talking and he started telling me how since he’s retired, he

couldn’t pursue his hobby of writing and it made him sad. I asked him why, and he said, because he’d got a tremor in his hand that the doctors couldn’t fix, as they couldn’t find a physical reason for it, and the tremor was preventing him from writing. He agreed to do a session with me on the plane. During the session, we got down to the root cause behind the tremor and upgraded the thought. I asked him to write a note before our session and then write another note afterward. The difference in his writing ability after the session was remarkable and I felt like I had given this man his dream back. It was a truly rewarding experience. 

When we were done, and his wife saw.

the results she also wanted a session on the plane.

What are some practical strategies you recommend that helped individuals build and maintain their self-confidence?

The first strategy would be writing “I am Enough” on your mirror, turning it into a screensaver, using it as the background on your phone, and changing your password to it, just to truly integrate it into your life so it becomes super familiar because once you know that you are enough you become unstoppable.

Listing your achievements over the past 10 years, I always feel good when I do this especially if I am having a bout of impostor syndrome which happens to us all every now and again.

Gratitude and optimism, I know I mentioned this before, but it really does work wonders and when you are busy with these feelings there is no room for the negative feelings.

Work on yourself, there is always room for improvement and when we are learning we build confidence in our skills and abilities, it doesn’t have to be a lot, just a few minutes every day. Consistency is key. 

Celebrate your wins, no matter their size, that conditions you to accept more wins.

What do you believe sets you apart as a self-healer compared to other therapists?

Other than that, my clients call me Harry Potter?! On a serious note, though, there are many roads that lead to Rome and there are many paths that lead to healing, and they will all get you there. We were built to heal; therapists and healers are there to guide us.

Regarding myself, I personally don’t like pain and like good results in a short amount of time so my approach to healing is how can we get the results as fast as possible with the least discomfort. I have spent years figuring out how to do things smarter not harder and that is what I bring to the work I do. People come to me when they want rapid results that are permanent but don’t want to be in therapy for years, most of my clients only require 1 to 3 sessions for any given issue. Time is the only resource we don’t get back, so my philosophy is to heal and move on, life is for living and enjoying.

Can you share a bit about your approach to business coaching and how it complements your therapeutic work?

Business has always been a passion of mine and I have coached small and medium-sized women-owned businesses for almost 2 decades. I started way before I discovered therapy. Later I found that healing our inner wounds can make a huge impact on our business. When we remove the limiting beliefs holding us back, reduce our stress levels, and operate from a regulated space everything in business improves.

What we experience in life reflects what we are experiencing inside, so when we are in flow and feeling good it is reflected in our business.

Over the years I have modified my approach to business coaching. Now I combine conscious business strategy, subconscious reprogramming, and inner healing, as well as how to utilize AI to be more efficient and reclaim our most valuable resource which is time. At the end of the day, the idea is to have the business work for us, providing a positive impact as well as income while also giving us the time and means to enjoy our human experience.

What self-care practices or rituals do you personally find most beneficial for maintaining a healthy and abundant life?

Connection to the creator of the universe and just talking to him doesn’t have to be in prayer though that is good too.

Staying in a calm and optimistic state of curiosity and compassion, where things are happening for me and not to me.

Learning new things, I make a little time every day to expand my knowledge or sharpen a skill.

Taking time to slow down, look around, say thank you, and know that I am supported by a higher power.

I love traveling and seeing the world. It is breathtaking and most people are delightful, this always fills my heart with so much goodness.

I practice grounding, just being barefoot on the soil in the garden, it does wonders for the nervous system.

I also avoid the following to the best of my ability, the news, processed food, fast food, chemicals, sugar, alcohol, toxins, and negativity.

I try to get enough sleep and give myself good healthy food.

I spend some time in the sunshine every day

Every now and again I will fast either intermittently for 18 hrs. for a few days or for 24 – 48 hours in one go.

I try to step out of my comfort zone and do new things, it is often very rewarding and always educational.

How do you tailor your therapeutic approach to meet the unique needs and goals of each client you work with?

Over the years I have picked up a lot of tools, but before I use any of them, I get acquainted with the client, I listen to what they say and what they don’t say. I get a feel for their beliefs and blocks and based on what each client’s individual needs are and where their starting point is, I create a roadmap to get them from where they are to where they want to be. We utilize the tools that would be most effective for their specific needs in the sequence that would work best with them.

Can you share some key insights from your book “Love You” and how it can benefit your clients?

Love You is an interactive rhyming picture book; I call it 1-minute therapy. Over the years I noticed a recurring pattern in the people I worked with and realized that more than 90% of issues could be sorted or at least halved if the person just loved themselves a little bit more. Love you reminds us to love ourselves with all our flaws. It’s not a typical book but there is a reason for the unique design.

Nowadays attention spans are at an all-time low. We want things fast, so the book is also designed to be short and can be read cover to cover in 1 – 2 minutes.

I wanted it to be suitable for all ages because another common theme is people will do things for their kids but not for themselves. The idea was parents would take the time to read this book to their kids and benefit at the same time.

The pictures in the book are all original artwork and the colors are vivid and bright to invoke good feelings as it is read. There are also empty pages at the back of the book for the reader to add things they love about themselves, which means that they will have to think about what they love about themselves and identify it. When they do that, the book has accomplished its mission!