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uSFUUR A Different Kind Of Jewelry Brand

It seems that whichever way you turn there is a charity waiting for your contribution, times are tough with heartbreaking refugee stories in Syria, Iraq, Gaza and Yemen. Add to that impoverished local families unable to make ends meet and it all feels a bit overwhelming.


uSFUUR is a delicate jewelry line we recently came across that seems to have achieved the perfect balance between giving back to communities and jewelry design.This ‘jewelry-for-a-cause’ brand understands the importance of fitting into the lifestyle of the customer. How many times have we been forced to purchase an over-styled, do-good piece of jewelry, handbag or sweater? It just doesn’t fit into our lives, yet we feel obliged to purchase it.The problem is it sits in the back of our cupboards for a couple of seasons, which actually defeats the purpose. When we make a donation it is just the start, it is the spreading of the word that ultimately makes the greatest impact.


uSFUUR (the Arabic word for bird) is an international symbol of peace and freedom, just what Dubai-based designer Yara Tlass is hoping to help achieve (with a percentage of sales going to charity) with her line of 18k gold pieces. Bracelets, rings, anklets and necklaces are all adorned with a modern bird motif that will easily fit into our lifestyles.The quality of workmanship is stellar, a sign of respect to the customer and the cause.

In partnership with Watanili, (a grassroots initiative focusing on supporting displaced Syrian communities through art/creative, community-based and educational projects), the Syrian-born entrepreneur is on a mission to make a difference in the lives of displaced Syrian refugees.

Perhaps the most appealing element in the design is the streamline simplicity that doesn’t sacrifice sophistication.The modernity of the pieces have a calming effect, thanks to the smooth gold finish and delicate birds. We all need a little peace from today’s busy world, and we sure would like a bit more freedom…