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Diversify For A More Sustainable Life

Courtesy of Farah Massadeh

How powerful is diversity? A question that has been constantly asked yet, has no specific response. With the backlash of seismic events that have spread across an entire year, an even more sinister trait to humanity has been clarified. Racism and Sexism, two major contributions to an even greater catastrophe. A toxic pair that has never been examined as much before. One thing I do thank the pandemic for is, allowing us to take notice and be aware of an even more sensitive topic. Lucky for us, the further scrutiny of this topic has led to a more valuable and diverse universe.

It is no secret that creativity has ignited inextricably amidst this rough period. But so did anger, rage and most importantly defence. Besides the main actor of the year, COVID-19, the stage has been extended to movements such as the black lives movement alongside the stop Asian hate movement. Just last week, we were hit with news finally casting officer Derek Chauvin as guilty.

Diversity and inclusivity have long been a major issue greatly repressed in the fashion industry. However, with the rise of social media, came a backdrop of raising awareness. People began to be heard, and issues were seen. Although the world of fashion has been stigmatized and hegemonized into being highly exclusive. Many creative astonishing brands have emerged depicting the beauty diversity can hold.

Diversity is defined as, the practice or quality of including or involving people from a range of different social and ethnic backgrounds and of different genders, sexual orientations, etc.. No industry has yet figured out the right path towards diversity, and that’s okay. This issue is beyond complicated. But the fashion industry did take a step forward in its attempt to solve this devious issue. Albeit the step taken isn’t suffice at all, it is still a step.


A clear step to resolve the issue at hand was a step taken by a dominant figure in pop culture, but also, a superior figure in fashion, Rhianna. The innovative popstar has launched a makeup brand four years ago midst 2017 with the sole purpose of including everyone. The brand “Fenty” was launched whilst introducing 40 different shades proving that fashion is for all, beauty products are for all, and nobody should be excluded. Its 2021, and the brand is still skyrocketing ahead, developing, and making makeup exclusive to everyone.


Summersalt swimwear collection

Summersalt another astounding brand proving that there are no specific requirements too look good and participate in the latest trend. The brand expresses it campaign Everybody is a Beach Body beautifully, producing designs for woman of different ethnic groups and different colour. The designs display how unique unity is in addition to the value diversity adds to a certain sector.


It is unfortunate that we are present in an era that is so dominated by separation in all its different forms. One of which is the discrimination against Asians located in all places around the world. The stop Asian hate movement was greatly stimulated by the hate crimes targeted towards the minority. The movement grew as hate crimes increased in response to the flawed theory blaming Asians for being responsible of the spread of the pandemic. Whilst the movement grew, the fashion industry had powerful, diverse, influencers at their forefront tackling the issue at hand. Anna Sui, Jason Wu, Prabal Gurung continued to create clothing items that were worn through the entire year to prove that an individual’s origin does not dictate their success or the impact they can have.

Diversity allows us to explore different perspectives of life. It allows us to reconnoitre the good and bad in all. The process of including different people originating back to different times, different regions, religions, and ethnicities has no harm. If anything, it allows us to understand how things are and why they are the way they are. An individual’s abilities shouldn’t be judged based on their appearance nor should one be excluded from a certain industry because of their cultural differences. Differences should be celebrated not supressed. By including more, we learn more and therefore can achieve more.