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This Law In Nature Will Teach You Self-Love

An innate wisdom that is in everything and everyone. The drop of rain with all the minerals, the soil waiting for the minerals in the drop of rain, the seed deep in the soil, the magical power within it to grow. The hunting lion, the grass-eating giraffe, the tribes of humankind, the order in a beehive.

Every creature small or big comes to life with an #innatewisdom, an #innerknowing that cannot be explained but can only be trusted. It cannot be understood at times, but it can surely be felt.

This innate wisdom is who we truly are, this innate wisdom is the source from which we all come. This makes us all one, makes us all part of the same tribe, everything with a soul, everything with energy, everything that vibrates and exists.

This concept of UNITY is one of the roles of nature, if we all just stop for a moment and think about this (or should I say stop to FEEL this) it can change our entire existence. It can save the environment and end wars, it is the end of the ego and the beginning of pure consciousness, it is love fully in its rawest form, it’s awareness of life as it is.

It’s unity with ourselves and what makes us who we are, it’s unity with our innate wisdom, it’s the stop of the pursuit because in this moment of #unity there is nothing to pursue, you are already there and whatever you are looking for is already you NOW.

This unity is the end of thought identification, you are no longer your thoughts, you are no longer your emotions, you are no longer your circumstances; because with this unity you are the innate power, the inner wisdom, the voice of the divine you hold within yourself.

In this moment of unity all loses meaning, all labels are dropped.

In this moment you are whole, you are united, and you are one with yourself, with the divine, with energy, with everyone and everything.


The whole world exists within you, endless possibilities are available to you

I can dare to say that the whole universe is you and you are the whole universe.

This is how magical and powerful you are. So, every time you even think to doubt yourself just remember the law of UNITY and allow yourself to sink into the wholeness that you are.

7 Ways To Tap Into This Unity:

1 || Spend Time In Nature

Go for walks outside, smell the fresh air, feel the breeze on your skin, go away from the city at least once a week, and when you do allow yourself to soak in the energy of everything around you, every color, every texture, every sound and every smell.

2 || Meditate/ Pray

Spending time in silence helps us turn inward and really spend time with ourselves. Through meditation and prayer, we meet ourselves, get to know who we are, get introduced to the voice of wisdom we have within and we start to live life from the inside out gaining more clarity and a sense of peace and connection. This can be five minutes in bed in the morning, a prayer you do before bed, choose your own silence haven.

3|| Stargaze

I once heard from a friend that we have in our bones the same material that makes up the stars, looking up at the starts is the reminder that we need that we are magical beings, that we are beautiful beyond measure and we are powerful in the most serene way ever.

4|| Spend Time Around Animals

Animals are pure souls, they are filled with love and they operate through instinct and energy. Spending time around animals allows us to break our own barriers of thinking and connect to our own instinctual selves.

5|| Send Loving Energy To Everything And Everyone You See

Staying in an energy of love is a constant reminder of where we come from, we all come from infinite divine loving energy, the energy of the divine is so inclusive and expansive, it holds enough space for all of us together. Bless people with prayers, send them loving thoughts, hug and kiss those you love, pet an animal, water your plants with love, there are endless ways to give love… get creative!

6|| Gratitude

This is by the far the most important pillar in shifting our energy and increasing our vibrations, in Islam’s prayer we say: god listens to those who say thank you. this translates into every other spiritual practice, the more grateful you are, the more you will have to be grateful for.

7|| Affirmations

(I am one with everything around me, the light of god surrounds me and is in me, I am whole, I hold within myself all that I need)

Get into this beautiful subconscious mind of yours and start reprogramming old patterns, repeating these #affirmations help you create a new reality by recruiting your subconscious mind to work with you. 

Share your comment with me below if you have any questions or would like to share and add any insights.

Peace & Love,

Sara xx

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