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Is It Time To Put My Creams In The Fridge?

When the first skincare mini fridge hit the market, we were so excited about its cute and innovative nature. But then we started asking whether we actually need it or not.

Dermatologists have two opinions on this. Some say yes, when it comes to certain products, keeping them in cooler temperatures helps with their shelf life and effectiveness. This applies to creams and gels that are used for de-puffing tired eyes. Think about how ice helps to firm, vasoconstrict and de-puff… The same concept. According to this group, there are certain ingredients that benefit from being kept in the fridge to stay potent for longer like hydroquinone or vitamin C along with natural products and those that contain few preservatives.

And generally, they love the soothing effect of applying cool products and believe that it may help in reducing inflammation and redness too.

The other team believes that skincare products will give you the same exact results with or without a fridge. The goal is to actually use the product.

The conclusion

It is all up to you. There is no right or wrong when it comes to refrigerating your cosmetics. If you like the ultra-refreshing and firm feeling of your refrigerated skincare just go for it. And it is never harmful to add this extra step and keep that sheet mask, serum, cream, and roller in a fridge for an extra dose of skin awakening.

But if keeping your products in that kitchen fridge downstairs will make it easier for you to skip the application, then just store them well in your cabinet.