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Sunscreen Tips

Is Your Skin Prone To Acne? These Sunscreen Tips Are For You

If you have acne-prone skin, you know what is it like to avoid any product that could promote more pimples. Nevertheless, using products to protect and improve your skin quality is essential. Sunscreen is a daily necessity, so choosing the right one and applying it correctly can certainly make a difference in managing acne-prone skin. Here’s everything you need to know.

1 || Choose The Right Formula

Selecting a lightweight and non-comedogenic formula is crucial to prevent additional pore clogging. Opting for a mineral sunscreen in powder form can be a convenient and excellent option for reapplication throughout the day.

2 || Mineral Sunscreen Is Your Best Choice

For acne-prone skin, it is advisable to choose mineral sunscreen over chemical alternatives. Mineral sunscreens contain zinc and titanium dioxide, both of which contribute to acne healing by reducing inflammation and maintaining a cooling effect on the skin.

3 || Use Vitamin C Under Sunscreen

I’ve been following this advice for a year now, and it has truly made a difference. This helps prevent hyperpigmentation. Apply a light moisturizer over vitamin C and under sunscreen, and your skin will thank you later.

4 || Take It Off At Night

Similar to makeup, sunscreen should be removed at night to prevent further breakouts. Cleanse your face and allow it to breathe, heal, and regenerate itself during the night.

5 || Read Your Ingredients

To maximize the benefits of your sunscreen, opt for one that contains active ingredients. These components can assist in slowing down the production of melanocytes, which become activated in the sun and heat or possess anti-inflammatory properties to soothe and reduce active acne.

6 || Select A Sunscreen That Complements Your Skin Tone

You need to opt for a sunscreen that won’t make your skin look grey or ashy. You may think, then I won’t be able to use physical sunscreens. Well, actually some physical sunscreens are made to complement darker skin tones.