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It Turns Out That You Need To Clean Your Hair Straighteners

Although we know how important it is to clean our beauty tools, a lot of times, we just don’t feel encouraged to do it. Well, there is another tool to be added to our “cleaning” list; our hair straighteners… A gadget that we love and use a lot but never really thought of its hygiene. But before we jump into how to keep our straighteners in their best shape, we need to understand why we need to clean them.

Have you ever considered how much residue from hair products can accumulate on your straightener over time, leading to buildup? This buildup can negatively impact the performance of your styling tool and even transfer to your hair, weighing it down as heat is applied.

How To Clean Your Straightener?

How often to clean your flat iron? Once every three months should be enough.

You will need: Cotton buds, a microfiber cloth, and an alcohol-based product.

1 || The Plates

To begin the cleaning process, turn your hair straightener on at its lowest temperature setting. This will help to loosen any buildup on the plates, making it easier to remove. Once the straightener is warm, unplug it and use a microfiber cloth to wipe down the plates. For a more thorough cleaning, you can use an alcohol-based product. However, it’s important to be cautious and not overdo it – a small amount should suffice.

2 || The Edges

Now look at the edges and you will find a lot of dirt there. Using a cotton bud, go around the edges wiping all the dirt down.

3 || The Wire

Yes, even the cable needs to be cleaned as it can get dirty pretty fast. Run a wet cloth over it.