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The One Tip That’ll Change Your Beauty Game

Skin and hair issues like acne, breakouts and dandruff and split ends are inevitable. And while investing in good products, devices and treatments is a must to eliminate all this, there is one little thing that you are doing and may be contributing to such issues and it’s not using a shower filter…

Yes, water may not be the biggest culprit of acne and some scalp problems, but the chemicals in it can definitely be a contributing factor. Because water goes through a sanitation process before it enters our bathrooms, this process uses chlorine or chloramine to prevent water from being infected. This forms what it’s know as “hard water”, and here where the issue lies. As the heavy components of this hard water prevent it from washing the soap off completely leaving a soapy layer on the skin which can clog the pores and irritate your skin causing acne.

Same thing goes for hair as hard water strip your scalp of its natural oils leaving it dry and frizzy. It may also cause dandruff.

A shower filter is an easy-to-install device that attaches to the tap to filter out harmful chemicals and bacteria present in the water. Do not hesitate to invest in a good one for your optimum beauty and wellness.