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Getting A Facial? What Is Normal And What Is Not

Sorry, but your skin will not be red carpet ready right after an intensive facial. So what to expect and what’s considered normal and what’s not? Read below. 

1 || Your Skin Turn A Little Pink Or Red After Your Facial? 


Different types of facials can cause different results, the more your skin is being stimulated during a facial the more likely it will end up a little red or pink. And that’s totally normal as long as the pinkness or redness fades within several hours to a couple of days.

2 || Experienced Extreme Redness, Heat & Burning?

Not Normal

Feeling burning and stinging might be normal during a chemical peel treatment as long as these feelings subside after the peel is taken off. If you feel extreme post-facial redness, stinging, burning, and soreness, it means that your skin is reacting negatively to something that was used on it. If you experience any of these reactions, make sure to tell your doctor asap so he/she can calm your skin, or give you something to use at home till your skin gets back to normal.

3 || Your Skin Is Still Red A Day Later?


Depending on your skin type & how much your skin was worked, your skin may still be red the day after your facial. This is completely normal if you aren’t having any other reactions such as burning or stinging. To calm things down faster, use non-active, mild products for several days after a facial so that you aren’t irritating your fresh skin. If things didn’t get back to normal after two days you should explain the situation to your doctor right away.

4 || Over-exfoliation & Over Aggressive Extractions 

Not Normal

Over-exfoliation causes temporary or chronic inflammation on the surface of skin cells, which can then become infected by bacteria. It’s not normal to feel burned when applying any masks or peels. When it comes to extractions, a good aesthetician should spend plenty of time prepping the skin using steam, exfoliants, pore-opening and massage. It’s about luring out the contents of the pores first, not forcing them out.

5 || Bleeding A Little While You’re Getting The Treatment?


Again, depending on your skin type & what type of extractions are being performed, extractions on stubborn clogs or pimples may cause your skin to bleed a little.

6 || Your Facial Is Over But You’re Still Bleeding?

Not Normal

Your skin should not have any bleeding once you walk out the door of a facial. If your skin continued to bleed, let your doctor know immediately. Make sure that he/she takes good care of you and tells you what to do at home to avoid any more bleeding or irritation.

7 || Experience a breakout after a facial?


If you have acne-prone skin, it may take a few more days to heal what was already there. And there is also the possibility of breakouts occurring in the hours and days following treatment. Don’t panic if you experienced such a thing, as it doesn’t mean your facial was inefficient. It actually means that you successfully pulled the impurities from your skin. Be patient, your skin will look super within some days. Your skin will need to heal, so as we said don’t expect too much in the same or next day. That said, if you have a big event coming up, make sure to schedule your facial accordingly. And avoid having an intensive facial if your event is a week from today. Rather, we recommend you to have a gentler treatment 2-3 days before. If you notice any abnormal reaction tell your doctor right away so he/she can recommend you the best solution to calm & relieve your skin.

8 || Puffiness Post Facial? 


You may experience some puffiness after your facial due to the increase in oxygen flow and collagen stimulation. The solution? Cold compresses, rollers, and cold shower in the evening.