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Beauty Essentials No Beach Bag Is Complete Without

Summer is here, finally. And after a long time of self-isolation and lockdowns we can’t wait for beach holiday with all the joy and fun it brings. This means spending a lot of time in the pool or the sea and under the sun which may lead to a damaged skin or hair. And this is the last thing you want considering all the things you have done during winter to look fabulous on the beach. So the least you can do to keep the good job up and stay on top of your beauty game is to use the right beauty products while enjoying your holiday. Here is your beach beauty packing list whether you prefer to go minimal or you are someone who goes for a full beach glam.

1 || Sunscreen…

Yes we are stating the obvious here.. But we couldn’t help it. SPF 50 is the 100% of sun protection. Using anything higher is not better or more effective. Another thing to take into consideration is the type of sunblock used. Mineral spf is actually a barrier that sits on your skin and “physically” protects it from the sun. The way to identify this type is by its color bright white! This is by far the most effective and safest block for you. Chemical sunscreens are easier to use because they go on clear. They work by converting the sun’s radiation into heat. This sunscreen is not healthy and loses its effectiveness fast, requiring re-application every two hours or so.

2 || Hair Oil

Do your hair a favor and use a hair oil on the beach. Your hair need nourishment after a long day at the beach exactly like your skin. Factors like sun, wind, salt and chlorine can wreak havoc on your locks. A hair oil like coconut oil will protect your hair from pool and sea water and keep it from getting dry by covering it with a protection layer. So before you jump into the pool make sure to apply a small amount of your favorite oil on your locks to avoid any further damage.

3 || Lip care

Avoid the dreaded dry lip this season by properly protecting your lips from the sun, by regularly exfoliating them and keeping them well hydrated throughout the day. Should you insist on wearing your matte liquid lipstick with sun protection, make sure you apply a lip balm with SPF first. Not only will the lips stay moist, but the liquid lipstick will have a slight sheen to it that keeps it looking fresh for the whole day.

4 || Hair SPF

With an SPF of course. Sitting for a long time under the sun is so damaging for your hair and scalp. So you using an SPF for the hair is no longer an option, it is a must. Dermatologists recommend using chemical blockers because they don’t leave a white cast. Also they recommend looking for zinc oxide and titanium dioxide on labels, as these are physical blockers, and it is important to rub the sunscreen into the scalp, not to just spray it on the roots.

5 || Waterproof Mascara

Invest in a waterproof mascara and maybe a liquid liner now! Yep, you may think they’re a mess to deal with and taking them off is the most dreaded task but they’re a must-have for summer, especially if you’re embarking on a beach getaway. You can get by with a bare face if your mascara and liner are there to stay.

6 || Moisturizer With SPF

You’ll need moisturizer that’s for sure. Make an effort to choose one with SPF for extra sun protection. And apply it whenever needed to stay hydrated.

7 || Deodorant!

Again, stating the obvious. In hot summery days getting more sweaty is inevitable. So you will need to keep an aluminum-free deodorant in handy. Try to choose a plant-based option as other options might be irritating with all the surrounding circumstances.

8 || Cooling Facial Mist

Hot face might feel really annoying, so you need to refresh it and cool it down a bit every now and then. No better way to do that other than using a cooling face mist with SPF for a 2 in 1 effect.

9 || Sunscreen Body Oil

Applying the regular sunscreen on your body is not practical at all, right? Luckily beauty brands have came up with an oil formula that is lighter and will leave your skin soft and glowing, instead of sticky and white. Apply the body oil after showering before heading out for super-moisturized and healthy skin.

10 || Wipes

At the beach, your skin may feel dirty every now and then. You can simply get rid of this annoying feeling by stocking your beach bag with cleansing and makeup removing wipes. These are easy to use and will remove all the build-up of any makeup, dirt and grime that’s made it onto your face while enjoying under the sun.