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Vagina Facial

From the Comfort of Your Home || A Guide to the At-Home Vagina Facial

Yes, vagina facials or a.k.a Vajacials do exist. It is basically a facial for your pubic area. And while it can be done professionally, a lot of us won’t be comfortable doing it. So the best case is to bring the spa to your home and do it alone.

What are the benefits?

An at-home vaginal facial is an excellent way to achieve the same benefits as a facial for the skin in your intimate areas. The process involves cleansing the area to remove dirt and excess oil, conditioning to reduce inflammation and prevent ingrown hairs, and nourishing the skin with ingredients that help to restore the skin’s protective barrier.

While this facial is for every woman who loves to pamper and spoil her body every now and then, women who are prone to ingrown hair, acne, or rough textured skin can benefit the most from these kinda treatments.

What are the steps?

1 || Cleanse

To start off, you’ll need an in-shower cleanse. The warm water will open your pores allowing for a deeper cleanse. Use a pH-balanced cleanser to gently and thoroughly clean the area and prepare it to reap all the benefits of the next steps.

2 || Exfoliate

The next step in your at-home vaginal facial is to remove dead skin cells and cleanse your pores. To do this, you can use a gentle chemical or physical exfoliant in the shower to scrub the area. However, if you have rough or thickened skin due to past damage, you should avoid this step. Additionally, if you plan to remove any hair from the area, this is the time to do it.

3 || Extract

When performing an at-home vaginal facial, it is important to be cautious and gentle to avoid any harm. Avoid using needle-nosed tweezers or poking and prodding the area. This step is best done while you are in the shower. If you see ingrown hair that is close to the surface of your skin and the area appears normal, you can use tweezers to remove it. Be sure to clean the area again after, to prevent the spread of infection. However, if the ingrown hair is accompanied by redness or inflammation, it is best to avoid trying to remove it, as doing so could push the inflammation deeper into the skin, leading to further hair follicle irritation.

4 || Mask

We are excited to inform you that vulva sheet masks do exist and they are an essential step in this at-home vaginal facial process. One product we recommend is the Bushbalm Hydrogel Vajacial Mask, which includes hyaluronic acid, soothing aloe vera, and tea tree oil to leave the skin hydrated and free from irritation. To use, simply apply the mask to the area for ten minutes or as directed by the mask’s instructions. Now remove it and off to the next step.

5 || Treat

The next step is to apply any active ingredients, similar to how you would use a serum on your face. A product that can be effective is the Bushbalm Bermuda Dark Spot Oil, which is a blend of tea tree, lemon peel, grapeseed, and jojoba oils designed to help fade discoloration caused by scarring.

6 || Hydrate

The final step of this routine is to provide deep hydration. It is essential to complete this step as it will help lock in all the benefits of the previous steps, close the pores, and soothe the surface of the skin.