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Kobido Treatment

Kobido Treatment || The Facial Massage Everyone Is Talking About

When it comes to Japanese, beauty is all about the balance between body, mind, and spirit. And it is exactly what the ancient Japanese Kobido massage does. Here is everything you need to do. 

What is Kobido Massage?

It is a Japanese facial massage that works on stimulating the face and neck giving you rejuvenating effects. The technique harmonizes the energy within us as it also works on relaxing the nervous system through the acupressure techniques performed on the skull and the around the eyes, calming the blood and muscular system during the toning of the neck and face, and the lymphatic system, by the use of a drainage technique with a bamboo stick.

The massage does not claim to make wrinkles disappear, it only opens the face making it glow so the lines become less visible.

How Is It Done?

The therapist usually starts by performing slow and soothing motions to the back, arms, and hands, then the skull and the face, sometimes using a hot towel and bamboo stick. The session which lasts for 90 minutes includes fast pinching motions along with palpating-rolling movements and ends with rolling quartz stones along the body.

The Benefits

It stimulates energy circulation throughout the face, skull, and body. It also helps relax and calm the nervous and muscular systems. It relieves stress, releases happy hormones, and gives a deep sense of well-being. You’ll also notice a decrease in headaches, insomnia, shoulder and back pain, and fatigue. Toning facial muscles helps reduce fine lines and restore the complexion’s radiance.

The treatment is not recommended for pregnant women, individuals suffering from cancer or heart problems, and those who have undergone cosmetic treatments such as botox injections or electrolysis.