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Makeup? What Makeup? How to Accentuate Your Skin’s Natural Glow this Holiday Season

There is nothing more attractive than a natural healthy glow to the face, especially during this time of the year when we see friends, family and loved ones to celebrate the holidays.  

The thing is this healthy glow is dictated by the condition of the skin, just as much as it is determined by the makeup application.  Often times, makeup is used to conceal skin imperfects, and highlighters are piled on in the hope of a healthy glow.

The world of skincare doesn’t just nourish, protect and maintain skin, there are products that help boost your natural glow so you need less makeup.  Additionally there are products that create a more even base for your makeup, so that again you need less of it.


When you think about it, for you to achieve a healthy glow you need two things, firstly even skin, this helps reflect light evenly creating a pretty glow.  Additionally, if your skin is healthy and vibrant you will need less makeup, on the contrary you may use the makeup to highlight your skin’s glow, instead of trying to create a glow with makeup.

Our aim at CIIN is to recommend tried and tested products, items we believe it, and we honestly believe in Sothys.  Having worked with them for 3 months now, we’ve really come to understand the ethos of the company and the performance of the products, and if you need help creating a glow, we say, ‘hold off on the makeup, till you’ve used the skincare.’ 

Sothys has a beautiful line called Detox Energie, which focuses on the erasing the environment’s polluting elements that tend to dull the skin.  The line contains energizing ampoules, which they refer to as a facial-on-the-go. These serum-texture ampoules seep into the skin, instantly giving your skin a beautiful and energetic glow.  If you have smooth skin, this really may be all you need to get that instant glow.  Add some mascara, blush and lip gloss for a very natural, I-have-confident-skin look.


The beauty of these ampoules is in the fact that they can be used three ways.  The ampoule can also be added on top of your day cream as a sealant, that gives you a smooth finish, and does wonders in minimizing the appearance of wrinkles.

Thirdly the ampoules can be added to your foundation, this will again allow the foundation to hold better to your skin.


Another product from the same line is the Detox Energie Corrector, this is used as a primer, but a healthier one as it is a skincare product not a makeup line item.  This lightweight fluid is applied to a freshly cleansed face, and creates a perfect base for your next step, be it foundation, concealer or both.

The world of beauty is a tricky one, and marketing teams at skincare and makeup brands will try and convince you that one is more necessary than the other.  The truth is, we need to use both intelligently.  Gone are the days when skincare and makeup were world’s apart.  Today both categories attempt to cover more ground, with makeup brands such as IT cosmetics claiming to give you the benefits of both skincare and makeup. There are bb creams and cc creams and lots in between.  Equally skincare brands are adding tinted formulas to their ranges and to be honest its getting a little complicated.  

Our skin is unique, and requires different things at different times of the year.  Er on the side of caution and take things slow.  One of the greatest pitfalls these past few years has been the emergence of raw ingredients at very affordable prices, thanks to The Ordinary and others.  Without guidance what could be a good thing can go terribly wrong, piling on different ingredients that may counter each other or worse, cause harm to your skin.  Always speak to a professional, its totally worth it!