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Divine Skin

Divine Skin Rose 001 || Pat McGrath’s First Skin-Care Product Is Finally Here

As the most influential makeup icon Pat McGrath needs more success to make her name bigger! After three decades in the makeup industry, the makeup artist has decided to add yet another achievement to her list and enter another beauty sector that will make her name shine even more.

“The truth is I’ve been working on skincare as long as I have been working in makeup,” admits McGrath

Her new product: Divine Skin Rose 001 was not something that happened overnight… Nailing down the perfect formula was a years-long process filled with testing and tweaking. And to convince you even more (as if you are not already) McGrath has tweaked her formula not in focus groups but on supermodels, including Naomi Campbell. Yep, you heard it right! Naomi who is so serious about her skin is already a fan.

Divine Skin

Formulated by a Korean lab and packed with 97 percent botanically-sourced ingredients, Divine Skin Rose 001 claims to boost moisture, enhance skin-care penetration, instantly illuminate and create the perfect base for makeup application. The emulsion fuses nourishing oils, vitamin E, and hydrating lipids with cool pink water dubbed Rose Bionic

“After many years of experimentation, I’m thrilled to introduce the perfect formula,” says McGrath according to a release. “DIVINE SKIN: Rose 001™ The Essence is 97 percent natural, clean, and gentle. It’s designed for all skin types and fits seamlessly into any skin-care routine. This beautiful formula unlocks the secrets to glowing, gorgeous, supple, smooth, sensuous skin—in an instant, and over time it transforms your skin.”

The product will launch on May 5th on and will arrive at select Sephoras later this year.