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Acne Treatment

What’s New in the Acne Treatment World

We all experience acne at some point in our lives. You can see this fact clearly when you start looking for acne treatments, they are literally uncountable. The beauty world continuously introduces new innovations to address this concern. This means you need to stay updated when looking for acne solutions as they get makeovers many of the time. Here is everything you need to know.

Prescribed Treatments

For a long time, we believed that the best way to tackle acne was with creams and antibiotics, but that doesn’t always work. Prolonged use of antibiotics can be challenging, and while certain topical treatments may offer short-term relief, they can also lead to skin irritation and dryness.

Treating acne and acne scars starts with treating the root causes, this is why many doctors are now treating acne as a multifactorial issue. The new approach to resolving acne once and for all involves changing what you eat and how you care for your skin, using over-the-counter and prescription acne medications, and adding in-office treatments.

Spironolactone Is Here To Stay

Doctors have been turning to spironolactone off-label, drawn of its dual impact on blood pressure and anti-androgen capabilities. This translates to effective regulation of androgen hormones, putting a check on sebaceous gland activity and offering relief for acne. While the oral version has worked wonders for many, some haven’t experienced the same success and are put off by potential side effects like elevated potassium levels, dry kidneys, hair loss, and breast tenderness. Moreover, concerns about hormonal disruptions in pregnant women contribute to reservations.

Enter the topical iteration of spironolactone; a revolutionary solution for acne treatment. Functioning as an androgen receptor inhibitor, it displays highly targeted effects, preventing androgen hormones from influencing oil-secreting glands. This focused approach reduces sebum production and alleviates inflammatory activity in the skin, showcasing remarkable results.

Retinoids Updated

Despite the powerful outcomes of retinoids, many people with very sensitive skin just can’t take it. I know you may say this is sad, but the good news is that new retinoids like Altreno (tretinoin) and Arazlo (tazarotene) offer less irritation and dryness which means it suits a wider range of patients.

AKLIEF is another form of retinoid and it is the first approved retinoid for treating truncal chest, back, and shoulder acne. To make the formula more tolerable and less drying it is recommended to combine it with other acne medications such as Twyneo.


I myself have experienced the holy power of Isotretinoin. It is the hero many doctors resort to when nothing else works. Isotretinoin’s newer iteration is Absorica. The new form can be taken anytime and you don’t need to take it with a fatty meal or drink.