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Nada Majali

Our Exclusive Interview With Nada Majali

Nada Majali is a Jordanian artist who creates art pieces that incorporate elements from her tribal origins.

When did your passion for art begin?

My passion for art started ever since I was a little girl. I used to doodle over everything around me. I remember my school books and folders were always covered with all sorts of colors and drawings, even my school shirt, which used to get me into so much trouble at all times.

How have you developed your art career?

Nada Majali

Every artist starts experimenting with different techniques and gains experience along the way. I started with simple designs then they developed into more complicated ones. eventually, I started integrating different materials into the work such as metal, acrylic paint, and ink.

Describe yourself in 5 words.

Meticulous, patient, creative, passionate, and a perfectionist.

Who are your biggest artistic influences?

Gustav Klimt, Picasso, Hattie Stewart (Mr.Doodle),and Juliette Crane.

Where do you find inspiration?

I look for inspiration all around me. My eye is always looking around for something new trying to catch a new idea I can work with or develop. It could be a leaf from my garden or a chandelier at a museum. Sometimes when I look at a new set of paints I start thinking of different things I can create with it.

Your art is very linked to your tribal origins, please explain how does that affect your work?

Nada Majali

Coming from tribal origins, I was always surrounded by beautiful traditional dresses and jewelry especially when I was a child. I used to visit Karak (a city in the south of Jordan where my grandfather spent most of his time) and get mesmerized by the beautiful intricate work of the madraga the Karaki dress and hair turbans and accessories worn by my aunts over there.

What does your art say about the culture in which it was produced?

My art represents the wealth and great heritage it produced in. It tells the stories of those Bedouins that roamed the desert and endured hardships in order to survive and portrays the beautiful art, poetry, and skills they perfected.

What are your favorite mediums to work with?

My favorite mediums to work with are acrylic paint, ink of course, and the use of metal pieces which are usually used in my paintings as jewelry and embellishments.

What role do you think art has in society?

Nada Majali

I believe that art helps people express their emotions and feelings. It brings people from different backgrounds together and makes them understand each other and look at things from different perspectives. It is a universal language.

Should art be used to influence, political, religious, social, or environmental views?

I believe that art should not be used to influence people politically or religiously it should be used to influence cultures and societies in other ways such as teaching people how to communicate with each other and understand one another. In addition to this, it should promote the acceptance and respect of others.

What themes do you pursue as an artist? If any.

No themes

What’s integral to your work?

The availability of the right mood, music, and environment. As well as the proper material as my work requires special material in order to achieve the intricate work that needs concentration and patience.

How would you describe your art to someone who has never seen it?

Nada Majali

I would say it is intricate, detailed, rich, and colorful. It is like looking at a gleaming sea of colorful ripples.

Which artists do you admire and why?

I admire the work of Klimt and Hattie Stewart because of all the detail in the work. As an artist, I know how much work, patience, and dedication go into such amazing pieces.

What does your work mean to you?

My art means the world to me. The feeling you get when you accomplish something that you and others admire is what it is all about. The feeling of pride and self-accomplishment is so rewarding. Creating a piece that brings joy to someone means a lot, it is a feeling of fulfillment and joy.

My art reflects my personality my inner feelings thoughts and maybe sometimes my fears. It is my imagination translated by the use of a combination of brilliant and glossy colors all over the canvas. It helps me express my worries as well as the hopes I have bottled up inside.