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Party Dress

Party Dress Trends To Dazzle Up Your Festive Looks

Getting to dress all up is the best part of the holiday season. That’s why Picking our next party dresses is all we have in mind right now. And no, it’s not too early. Although choosing your perfect festive gown is a super fun experience, it can be so hectic sometimes. And we don’t blame you! All the designs and styles out there can make things really hard. We have rounded up all the latest party-wear trends so things get easier. 

1 || Nothing says it better than sequins

Party Dress

Because we can’t call it a festive season without a lot of shine. Designers have incorporated unusual spins on the party staple, from lingerie-inspired lace and dramatic printed sequins in eye-popping colors to sheer sequined dresses. Whether you are going to a work Christmas party or you just want to liven up your weekend wardrobe, this year sequins have got you covered. 

2 || Feathers 

Party Dress

Dreaming of the ultimate fun and flirty look? Feather is the answer. If there is one trend that we’ll surely see on dance floors, it is one with feather details. This element will take your night looks to a higher level and will offer you the movement needed for parties. Whether you choose a fully-feathered dress or a dress with feather details, we guarantee you a super attractive look. 

3 || Strapless is here to stay

Party Dress

Yes, they never go out of style, you may say. But the bandeau necklines are now dominating like never did before. Choose the fabric and design that better highlight your features and reflect your personal style, and you are good to roll. If you want to take things up a notch, you can go for a feather, sequined or unexpected strapless neckline. 

4 || Rock with leather 

Party Dress

Leather is made for partying and nights out. Opt for a leather high-slit dress and get ready to rock. You can spice things up by choosing a bright-colored leather outfit.

5 || The cut-out is all the rage 

Party Dress

If there is one piece that you need to have in your holiday wardrobe this season, it is the cut-out dress. Cut-out dresses are having a moment now! And thanks to the innovative ways designers followed to incorporate cut-out details in their pieces, the trend is now more wearable than ever. When it comes to options and sources of inspiration, the sky is your limit. 

6 || The naked dress

Party Dress

Sheer is all the rage this year. Whether on the red carpet, runway, or street, almost every fashion icon has shown us her version of this dominating trend. A peek-a-boo mesh is your undefeated chic and sexy option for your next party. Whether you choose a minimal sheer or embellished dress, or a see-through net one, this trend is made to drop jaws. If you don’t do cutouts, then mesh panelling is the perfect sexy alternative for you.  

7 || The Sweater dress 

Party Dress

You’ll be amazed by the amount of the knit dress types out there. Pick curve-skimming styles, accessorized with smudgy eyeliner for a cool and sexy party look. Another cool option would be a dramatic fuchsia cardigan dress.

8 || Bring out your inner Barbie 

Party Dress

If in doubt, go pink. No one is gonna go wrong with Barbie’s hot color. And with this one being one of the most dominating trends of the year, you will have a long list of options to choose from. Pick something that best shows your features, and let the night begin. You can easily go double-trend here. 

*You’ll have many many sources of inspiration too.