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What To Look Forward To In The Fashion World In 2023 

A new year means new decisions and lots of changes, especially in the fashion world that moves too fast we can’t even follow sometimes. When it comes to 2023, we expect it to be a very interesting year with some really big events and big updates coming. Here are the most exciting moments we are looking forward to in 2023. Interesting things are happening 😉

1 || The Met Gala

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More specifically, Karl Lagerfeld: A line of beauty theme! The biggest event in the fashion calendar has chosen to dedicate 2023’s theme to exploring Lagerfeld’s creative process, boundless imagination, and passion for innovation. This will be the Met’s third designer-based theme after Alexander McQueen in 2011 and Rei Kawakubo in 2017. We are super excited to see what people will be doing.

2 || Can anyone replace Louis Vuitton’s artistic director? 

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It seems like the luxurious fashion house Louis Vuitton is still shocked by the death of its legendary artistic director! Who could follow Virgil Abloh at Louis Vuitton? A question that we are all asking! After Abloh’s long career at Louis Vuitton and the shift he made in the luxury fashion world, we believe that his revolutionary work in fashion would be a hard act to follow. It’s a huge deal. 

3 || New designers for new brands 

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With the new year, a lot of our favorite brands are appointing new designers to be responsible for their labels. Salvatore Ferragamo revealed it has appointed Maximilian Davis as its new creative director on March 2021 and he’s doing great. Gucci and Burberry are also changing their creative directors. These changes mean that a new direction will be taken in fashion. We are excited to see how these new people are going to affect the fashion scene. 

4 || What’s happening in the virtual fashion

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With lots of people creating their own personalities in the metaverse world, the idea of virtual fashion is glowing more than ever. Luxury fashion labels like Balenciaga and Gucci are diving into the metaverse experience and the numbers show the potential the virtual world has in store for the fashion brand. For instance, Gucci’s bag sold for $4000 in Gucci’s Garden, more than the actual one, and 21 million people have visited Nike’s own version of the metaverse, Nikeland. These figures indicate that the virtual world is slowly turning into reality. In 2023, more brands will set up their own stores inside of games with customizable avatars to dress up the game characters with digital costumes. NFTs are another part of the metaverse world that may witness a huge evolution this year. Back in 2022, NFTs emerged as digital art collectibles, allowing artists to connect with the audience worldwide. Then Tommy Hilfiger took them one step further with the NFC stickers that allowed attendees to create their crypto wallet and get their NFT that featured Thomas Hilfiger himself with a polaroid camera in Warhol-style.

While it may sound too exciting to wear and do things you can’t do in the real world, we are not sure where all that is going and whether it’s good for us or not. Perhaps one of the most important and needed benefits of the fashion world’s new direction is sustainability. Virtual clothes have the potential to satiate consumers’ desires without actually producing them.