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Swimsuit Trends That Will Rule This Beach Season

Finally, beach season is two weeks away… And we can’t wait for all the fun and joy it sparks, especially this year. Prepping for the coming season includes so much sweating and working this body to appear in the best look ever. And to complete this look you will need a swimsuit that best highlights your greatest features. This year has something for everyone from the floral and patterned swimsuits to the minimal ones.

1 || Cut It Out


Cutouts are everywhere this year, but we have seen them before on swimsuits and they are not going anywhere. They are the perfect way to add a fresh look to any classic swimwear. If you are blessed with a beautiful hourglass shape, then this trend is for you.

2 || It’s Lace Time Baby


Regardless of your size or body shape, this swimsuit will suit you. This year’s version is not as slippery as before so you can safely wear it. Also, it is the perfect choice for a sunny tanning day.

3 || All Boho


For all bohemian souls out there. Boho swimsuit styles are here to stay. The relaxed, refreshing and easy feel they give is just irresistible. Choose a boho swimsuit that mixes one of the other trends for the perfect beach look.

4 || Statement Swimsuit


This year is the year for dressing up even at the beach. For this reason, expect to see a lot of statement swimsuits on the beach as we are all excited to dress up and enjoy the coming beach season. Choose swimwear with ruffles, big sleeves, or a belt for a look that will literally turn heads.

5 || Long Sleeves


I love this look. It is minimal yet cool and attractive. It is a good choice for those who don’t like to show their arms and is a great way to protect our poor arms and shoulders from sunburns. You can choose a swimsuit that mixes this trend with the cut-it-out trend for a more trendy and refreshed look.