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New Fall/Winter Brands

New Brands To Consider For Fall/Winter 2023/24

Although the number of emerging fashion brands is on the rise, we never get enough. There is always something new to look forward to. It might be since today’s fashion is no longer about being on trend but is more about having an original sense of personal style. So designers follow their own hearts creating unique looks that suit every individual style. Here are our favorite emerging brands to add to your fall shopping list.


New Fall/Winter Brands

The Australian-based label reimagines vintage fashion for the contemporary woman, empowering her to exude confidence and embrace her femininity with ease. Each of their timeless and elegant pieces is designed to hold a permanent presence in your wardrobe. And having Meghan Markle as one of their fans, there’s not much more to add.

Aya Muse

New Fall/Winter Brands

From Los Angeles to the world, Aya Muse means “beautiful inspiration”. It is a fusion of the Japanese word for beauty and the Greek term for inspiration. The creative mind behind the brand develops trends based on her own fashion desires, rather than conforming to the expectations of others.

If you want to look a little bit cooler, Aya Muse is the brand for you.

Norma Kamali

New Fall/Winter Brands

With more than 55 years in the fashion business, Norma Kamali has started her own label with the aim of designing clothing that is timeless, sustainable, and inspires the wearer to feel good. She is behind many of the fashion inventions that have impacted fashion globally. If you are on the lookout for a brand to cover all your transitional wardrobe, look no further.

Dea Kudibal

New Fall/Winter Brands

A world of dreamy, vibrant, and feminine silhouettes with eye-catching details. We are in love with each and every design by Dea Kudibal. The delicate fabrics and blooming floral prints are guaranteed to elevate your style. Best of luck selecting just one or two pieces to make yours.


New Fall/Winter Brands

Super modern, super bold, and super fun. Shawnz is a new brand made for the cool gals out there. While they only have shown us a very limited number of pieces, we are expecting something big from this label. 


New Fall/Winter Brands

The Swedish fashion label has it all. Their high-quality pieces embody modern sophistication. Regardless of your style, they boast a multitude of remarkable discoveries tailored for you. You’ll enjoy browsing through their site.


New Fall/Winter Brands

I couldn’t stop scrolling through their Instagram. The array of stylish and elegant pieces is tailored to empower you to step confidently into any occasion, be it a daytime meeting or an evening party.

Calle Del Mar

New Fall/Winter Brands

Your go-to place for unique knit pieces. meticulously crafted with abundant attention to detail. Their knitwear will effortlessly stand out, seamlessly transitioning from beachside relaxation to your cozy fall wardrobe. Immerse yourself in the joy of their vibrant hues.