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Flared Jeans

Flared Jeans Are Back || How To Select the Ideal Pair & Master the Styling Game

When I began shopping for my next pair of denim, I discovered that the flattering ’70s style is making a comeback (Already bought two ;). High-waisted flare jeans are among the hottest trends in 2024, a silhouette that complements every shape, size, and height. So, how do you choose your perfect pair and style it in 2024?

The Perfect Pair

No strict rules apply here. Flared jeans come in various styles this year; ranging from bootcut and cropped silhouettes to high-waisted and wide-flared designs. Regardless of the style you pick, the only rule of thumb is to select a pair that fits you well and complements your figure. A good approach is to find one that feels snug but not tight around the waist and hips, ensuring they hit around the ankle without dragging on the ground.

How To Style?

You might purchase the trendiest and most expensive piece available, but that won’t matter unless you style it correctly. If you’re exceptionally creative and possess the gift of styling, consider yourself fortunate, as you can elevate any piece by infusing it with your personal touch and style.

If you haven’t reached that level yet, here are some styling tips for wearing your flared jeans this year.

1 || Choose The Right Top

Flared jeans are a versatile piece that you can wear with everything, from a casual tee, cropped top, or jacket to a blazer or an oversized sweater.

If you wear it with a tee or a t-shirt consider throwing on a leather or bomber jacket for a cool look. You can also opt for a classic look by pairing your flared denim with a tucked-in, crisp white shirt and rolling up the collar. There is no wrong silhouette here. The only trick is to keep it simple and add a modern twist to your outfit.

2 || Pair With The Right Shoes

To ensure your flared jeans look right, you need to keep them off the ground. That being said, heels, boots, and platforms are great options. The footwear you choose depends on whether you want to dress the look up or down. To elevate your outfit, pair your jeans with heels, ensuring the hem hits the top of your shoes to make your legs appear longer. For a more casual look, especially with cropped flares, opt for flats, sneakers, wedge platform sandals, or Birkenstock sandals. On colder days, various types of boots can complement both full-length and cropped flares.

3 || Avoid Over Accessorizing

You might wonder why. Well, the standout silhouette of flared jeans makes them a statement piece on their own. When you go all out with accessorizing, there’s a concern that you might appear like you’re trying too hard. So, do wear accessories, but choose pieces that won’t compete with your jeans.

If you’re wearing a crop top or tucking your shirt into your jeans, you’ll have an opportunity to showcase a belt that complements your outfit.

4 || Go For A Double Denim Look

One way to take the look to the next level is by wearing a full denim look. Opt for a black tee and pair a denim jacket with your flared jeans for a cool, all-denim ensemble.