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Skip Blazers, Everyone Will Be Wearing This Jacket Instead

We adore the ever-evolving nature of the fashion world. Each season introduces something fresh; a unique vibe that dominates the scene. This could range from subtle updates like the emergence of stylish accessories to significant shifts, such as bidding farewell to certain wardrobe staples and welcoming new ones.


This season, one of the items we’re considering replacing is a long-time favorite: the classic blazer. In its place, we’re seeing the rise of the lady jacket. Please don’t get us wrong; we’re not saying you will not be wearing your blazer anymore, of course not. Instead, think of it as a temporary hiatus, as we embrace a new and contemporary silhouette. The lady jacket offers a similar functionality but with a modern and more feminine touch.


When considering the lady jacket, one prime example that comes to mind is the Chanel tweed suits, emanating an unmistakable French-girl chic. It is shockingly as versatile as your favorite blazer but with a more refined and feminine shape.

The lady jacket is definitely an easy staple and an elegant layering piece that will elevate any look you pair it with. Stay tuned for our top picks of this new chic outer trend.