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The Rising Bag Brands You Need To Know About

The idea of delving into new brands as the new season unfolds is incredibly refreshing, especially when it comes to discovering a new bag brand! The transformative impact that this accessory can have on your overall look is truly captivating. Perhaps this can explain our profound affection for stumbling upon exceptional handbags and renowned handbag brands.

1 || DeMellier

Bag Brands

DeMellier emerged with a distinct vision; to craft handbags that instill a sense of empowerment in women. Each of their creations is meticulously crafted with ethically sourced, premium materials, and a commitment to sustainability. Moreover, with every purchase, a portion of the funds is dedicated to providing vaccines and treatments, working towards saving the lives of children in need. The beauty of their pieces speaks for itself.

2 || Polene

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We truly fell in love with every single detail! Polène creates leather goods that combine minimalism and creative expression in order to offer unique and signature shapes achieved through excellent craftsmanship. Do your wardrobe a favor and add one of their lightweight timeless pieces to your collection. You’re welcome 😉

3 || Toteme

Bag Brands

Needless to say, Toteme is already known for its very cool apparel. What you need to know is that their handbag range is growing too. The charm of this brand lies in its commitment to creating pieces inspired by the lives and needs of women. You’re bound to discover that signature handbag you’ve been searching for endlessly.

4 || Aesther Ekme

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You’re looking for a bag that looks nice and serves you well? Aesther Ekme is all about the idea of ‘functional aesthetics’. Crafting bags with refined aesthetics and emphasis on simplicity and functionality with a careful selection of the highest quality material is a priority for the brand.

5 || Wandler

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If you love the luxurious feel of a great leather bag, Wandler bags have been made for you! They draw inspiration from modern arts, nature, and the otherworldliness in everyday life creating great-looking handbags that combine maturity with playfulness and femininity with sharpness.

6 || Mansur Gavriel

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Mansur Gavriel redefines luxury through its distinctive approach to color and form. Started with only two iconic silhouettes -the bucket and tote-, the brand now offers a wide range of shapes and prints to choose from.

With their exceptional designs, MG invites you into a world with the freedom to dream, enjoy beauty, and express yourself with products you love

7 || Little Liffner

Bag Brands

When it comes to Little Liffner, less is definitely more! Taking inspiration from timeless wardrobe staples, the brand combines contemporary styles with traditional craftsmanship to create a handbag that can easily elevate your looks. We love their implementation of sculptural shapes, thoughtful pops of color, and strong attention to detail.