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Jewelry-Trends In 2024

The Biggest Jewelry Trends In 2024

Sometimes the smallest touch makes the biggest difference. We are sure you experienced this when you put on your jewelry or accessory pieces right before heading out. This tiny touch of sparkle goes a long way in transforming any outfit. But if you got so used to your pieces that you don’t feel that joy anymore, maybe it is time to give your collection a lift. This year’s trends will surely give you the mood-boosting update you need, whether it’s with bold beads or elegant silver. Happy shopping. 

1 || Full Circle

Jewelry-Trends In 2024

opt for the timeless allure of circular designs. Whether it’s hoop earrings, circular pendants, rounded diamond earrings, necklaces, or bags, the enduring charm of circles never fails.

2 || Animal-Inspired

Jewelry-Trends In 2024

Nature, in its full force, was present on the runways. Not only florals; we also saw many jewelry pieces inspired by animals, from lobsters to spiders. So don’t panic if you see someone wearing a snake around her neck, she’s only wearing her jewelry 🙂

3 || Live In A Bubble

Matthieu Blazy’s debut bubbly earrings for Bottega Veneta have taken the fashion scene by storm, going viral in the process. With a diverse array of styles and shapes available this spring, choose your favorite and get ready to instantly elevate any look.

4 || Time To Bloom

Jewelry-Trends In 2024

Every spring, flowers bloom on the runways before they bloom in real life and this year is not an exception. Whether it’s crystal bling, Sandy Liang’s tulle touch, Carolina Herrera’s budding necklaces, or the petal drop earrings from 3.1 Phillip Lim—these pieces are perfect for your jewelry box.

5 || Hot Collars

Jewelry-Trends In 2024

If long necklaces aren’t your style, perhaps you’ll adore the short and sweet chokers. There’s a plethora of options to explore, from collar-like metal choices to beaded alternatives.

6 || Add Some Drama

Jewelry-Trends In 2024

Think chunky rings, mismatched earrings, and geometric and animal pieces. If you’re daring enough and want to make your jewelry the statement piece, opt for something that is dramatic in size, shape, and/or color.

7 || Cuffing Season

Jewelry-Trends In 2024

Cuffs are a lasting trend, making them a wise investment. This season, they’ve transcended from bracelets to include earrings and arm cuffs, showcasing their versatile appeal.

8 || Festival-Ready 

Jewelry-Trends In 2024

Spring is about embracing pieces that rejuvenate you, bring joy, and get you ready for the party season. Vibrant, boho-inspired items and layered loops are set to be major trends in the upcoming season.

9 || The Singular Pendant

Jewelry-Trends In 2024

Simplicity reigns this spring as the long pendant necklace makes a comeback. While stacking was the trend in recent seasons (more being considered better) designers are now breaking free from the stack, highlighting the beauty of a singular pendant piece.

10 || Big Bangles

Jewelry-Trends In 2024

If cuffs aren’t your style, you can still capture similar vibes by donning a substantial bangle. Bangles are designed to be seen, they offer a softer touch while maintaining a cuff-like aesthetic.