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6 Activewear Trends to Look Out for in 2023

Activewear has become an essential part of our wardrobes, and one that seems to infiltrate other parts of our lives as well. When we think activewear comfort should come first and foremost, which is probably why there is such a turnover in styles. Designs are created, and marketed to a thirsty customer, keen to hop onto the next trend, only to find that it is ridiculously uncomfortable for a variety of reasons, and so the cycle continues. These upcoming trends may be just that, but we’re sure that at least 25% of them will survive the test of time. Can we even imagine our lives without a pair of slouchy sweatpants, in the perfect weight and length? Thanks to COVID, companies took their time refining this style till it became a perfect staple in our wardrobes.

The Boxer Shorts


Inspired by the boxer shorts trend on the streets and not the runner’s shorts which have been around for ages, this trend capitalizes on the fact that we are all probably wearing biker shorts anyway. This is just an update… Add a pair of stretchy boxer shorts to any outfit in your wardrobe for an instant update.

The Boxer Shorts Band

Well, Dior started this whole thing… The customized band, we saw on bra straps, handbag straps, shoelaces, and everything in between. The boxer trend mentioned above has given this trend a new life, in a thicker, less feminine iteration. Look out for leggings and bra tops with matching bands that can help define your body and adds an interesting element to an otherwise plain outfit.

Bold and Bright 


Well with magenta as the Pantone color of the year, it only makes sense to incorporate bright tones that complement this strong fuchsia. Look out for vibrant and optimistic shades of the rainbow, especially in unitards and two-piece sets, after all, it is the Year of the Rabbit, and we’re expecting peace, serenity, and prosperity.

The Ballerina 


Well if anyone knows a thing or two about the perfect workout outfit it would be the ballet community, and activewear brands are taking their cue from them this season. Scoop-neck backs with support bands, and stirrup leggings to keep things in place, and there’s the occasional unitard with fresh cutouts for the ultimate in flexibility and movement.

The Flared Leg


It was bound to happen, how many of you were just too lazy to take off your black flared pants for your workout? And yes they were pretty responsive, and did the job! Add to your sets, a pair of stretchy flared-leg pants with a matching bra in a bright and rambunctious color, and if your workout wasn’t the sweaty kind, we’re betting you’ll keep them on for the rest of the day.

Jane Fonda 


We love Jane Fonda, but we may not love her bodysuits over leggings trend that doesn’t seem to sit in a place like they did in workout videos. It probably has a lot to do with the fabric… The lycra of the seventies and eighties was anything but breathable and soft. Enter the legging-with-underwear look that may or may not is for you, we’re just putting it out there. Match it to a favorite bra and you have a hot new look for those on the lookout for one. It may look a bit unnecessary, but trust us we’ll be seeing a lot of it in the next few months.