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The Barbie Movie

10 Interesting Facts About The Barbie Movie 

1 || The ‘Barbie’ and ‘Oppenheimer’ double feature

The Barbie Movie

Although it is not the double feature one expects, ‘Barbenheimer’ has taken the world by storm. Both “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer” premiered on July 21st, seemingly targeting different audiences. However, to everyone’s surprise, audiences enthusiastically embraced the idea of watching both films back-to-back, making the double feature sales really big.

If you plan to watch them on the same day, do it in your preferred order but based on viewers’ experiences, the recommended order to watch the movies is, to begin with “Barbie” and then proceed to “Oppenheimer.” This sequence allows for a smoother emotional transition, as it’s easier for the audience to connect with the themes and characters of “Barbie” before delving into the world of “Oppenheimer.”

2 || Ken was written specifically for Ryan Gosling

The Barbie Movie

Greta Gerwig said, “We wrote this part specifically for Ryan Gosling. Even though he’s so wonderful in dramatic roles, I knew he was really funny as I had watched all his ‘Saturday Night Live’ appearances. There was no plan B. It was always Ryan.”

Margot Robbie also shared, “Ryan ticked all the boxes”. 

3 || Margot Robbie instituted a mandatory pink day on the Barbie set

The Barbie Movie

Taking inspiration from the movie “Mean Girls,” the crew embraced a fun tradition of wearing pink every Wednesday. This lighthearted practice became a source of enthusiasm for everyone, who took it quite seriously. In case anyone didn’t wear the playful pigment, Robbie implemented a fine system, with the collected funds being donated to charity.

4 || Barbie is a nickname 

The Barbie Movie

Known globally as Barbie, this iconic doll’s name is actually Barbara Millicent Roberts. That said, while Margot Robbie is Barbie in the movie, she isn’t the only Barbie, there is a Barbie for virtually every profession. 

5 || Barbie’s costumes are designed by Oscar-winning talent

The Barbie Movie

Not only are Barbie’s costumes a vital part of her iconic character, but Greta Gerwig’s vision to reinvent and modernize the beloved doll necessitated the expertise of a highly skilled designer. Jacqueline Durran, an Oscar-winning and exceptionally talented designer, proved to be the perfect choice for this creative endeavor.

6 || Margot Robbie Almost Didn’t Get the Role of Barbie

The Barbie Movie

Initially, the actress doubted her suitability for the role and even suggested another actress to take on the part instead. However, by the end of the day, Margot eventually agreed to accept the role, but under one unique condition: she requested a slide in Barbie’s house that would connect her bedroom directly to the pool.

7 || Mattel’s Special Edition Barbie of the Film 

The Barbie Movie

The company designed a limited edition line and collection comprising nine dolls, each showcasing Margot’s most iconic looks from the film.

8 || The movie’s story is partially based on a feminist book 

The Barbie Movie

Reviving Ophelia, the book behind some of the movie inspiration. Greta revealed that she read the book when she was a kid. The book is about the challenges faced by girls during adolescence and the impact of societal pressures on their lives. 

“My mom would check out books from the library about parenting, and then I would read them… They’re funny and brash and confident, and then they just—stop. How is this journey the same thing that a teenage girl feels? All of a sudden, she thinks, «Oh, I’m not good enough”Greta Gerwig.

9 || The ‘Original Barbie’ has a Cameo in the Movie

The Barbie Movie

Ruth Handler, the creator of Barbie, chose the doll’s name as a tribute to her daughter Barbara Handler’s nickname. Although Barbara’s family wasn’t directly involved in the film, Greta decided to honor Ruth and the origins of Barbie by including Barbara, who is now 82 years old in the movie.

10 || Greta Gerwig Never Owned a Barbie

The Barbie Movie

Yep, you heard it right! The director of the film, along with Katie Spencer, the interior designer, had to purchase a Barbie house from Amazon to study it and thus design the film sets. Surprisingly, neither of them had ever owned a Barbie before nor seen a Mattel dollhouse.