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Spring Trend Artisan

2023 Spring Trend Guide || Artisan

2023 fashion has something for every one of us. Whether you are into classic and minimal pieces or you are more of a fun and modern type of girl. One fashion trend we are too excited about is the artisan styles that hit big on spring runways, from crochet and raffia to fringes and patchwork. 

1 || Raffia 

Spring Trend Artisan

Jacquemus’s spring fashion show was titled “Le Raphia”… We believe it is enough evidence that the straw-like fiber is still a strong summer trend. Raffia is lightweight, versatile, and easy to color or dye making it a great material to use by designers. So maybe it is time to invest in your favorite raffia bag, hat, or pair of sandals. 

2 || Summer Weaves 

Spring Trend Artisan

Our love affair with knitwear doesn’t fade away with winter. Just like everything blooms in springtime, knits regenerate into something beautiful. During sunny days crochet changes from tight purls and moss stitches into more open, cobweb-like weave work. Opt for a woven skirt, full of movement crochet set, or something combined with fringes, just don’t miss the refreshing vibe of this trend. 

Our Picks

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3 || Macrame

Spring Trend Artisan

This spring offers a lot of beach-ready trends, one of them being the ever-popular macrame pieces. Incorporating the craftsmanship of this material often reflects certain cultures and brings an exciting new design language to the runways. The lightweight and breathable nature of macrame is guaranteed to elevate any outfit to new heights.

4 || Fringes 

Spring Trend Artisan

Since Bottega Veneta introduced this trend in 2019, we and designers can’t quite get over it. It is just too cool to skip. And we love them specifically during breezy days as they give a very interesting touch to any look. Merge two trends together by choosing a crochet dress with fringed hems, or go for a macrame fringe handbag.

5 || Patchwork

Spring Trend Artisan

Patchwork colors, finishes, and patterns are back for spring. We are not going to tell you that this one is our favorite, but the artistic patchwork pieces are something you will see a lot this coming season. You can go for softer styles or opt for louder ones, it is completely up to you. In both cases, patchwork items are statements on their own, so make sure to keep everything else as simple as possible.