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Rawan Sirry

The Sweet Art Journey of Rawan Sirry

In the rich tapestry of artistic expression, Rawan Sirry emerges as a unique force, intricately weaving her multicultural heritage into sculptures that blur the lines between art and confectionery. Born in London with Palestinian/Lebanese roots and educated in the serene landscapes of Switzerland, Rawan’s journey, spanning London, Germany, and now Dubai, mirrors the diverse mediums she employs in her craft.

As a graphic designer for 15 years, Rawan navigated the dynamic world of advertising, infusing her creative flair into global campaigns. However, her true passion for art, kindled at the age of four, led her to explore various mediums, from handcrafted layouts and typography to painting and drawing. In an era before computers dominated design, Rawan’s hands-on approach fueled her appreciation for the tangible artistry of the creative process.

Rawan Sirry

Her artistic evolution began when she transitioned from the commercial world of advertising back to the applied arts, joining her cousin Janan in her studio, where she designed and custom-painted high-end leather fashion and accessories. After that, her journey began while searching for the medium that enabled her to perfectly express herself.

The convergence of these passions manifested in a whimsical experiment as Rawan, using her children’s clay, crafted decorative chocolates. What began playfully evolved into a full-fledged artistic exploration. With over 500 intricate sweet art pieces, Rawan discovered the versatility of working with clay, prompting her to experiment with different mediums.

Rawan Sirry

Her breakthrough occurred on Valentine’s Day 2022 when she unveiled her inaugural chocolate art piece, “Ceci n’est pas un chocolat,” crafted with polymer clay, acrylic, and mixed media. This marked the birth of a delightful collection finding homes with collectors and celebrities, transforming spaces into sweeter havens.

Rawan Sirry’s art transcends the ordinary, turning chocolate into a medium of boundless creativity. Her sculptures not only evoke happiness but also celebrate individuality, offering a visual feast reflecting the kaleidoscope of the human experience. As her sweet art captivates audiences, Rawan invites us to savor the joy, complexity, and simplicity each unique piece brings into our lives. Her words resonate, expressing a deep connection between her art and healing, representing inner happiness in the face of pain and suffering.

Rawan Sirry

Her limited-edition Palestinian sculptures stand as a powerful representation of the beauty of Palestine and its people. Through her art, Rawan pays homage to those who stand for humanity, unafraid to speak up. “Sweet, sweet Palestine,” encapsulated in her creations, becomes a poignant symbol of resilience, and hope in the face of adversity.