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The Beauty Treatments That Will Take Over In 2024

1 || BBL Dash and Sylfirm

This year will witness the rising popularity of BBL Dash. It is a treatment using broadband light for pigment and vascular lesions, coupled with radio frequency for skin tightening. Sylfirm X is another treatment that will be big this year especially when combined with radio frequency as both will guarantee great results with little to no downtime.

2 || Skinvive

Who doesn’t want beautiful skin without makeup? Every woman! This is why Skinvive is expected to be everywhere this year. Skinvive is a hyaluronic acid injection that hydrates the skin, effectively combating fine lines and wrinkles. Get ready to see a lot of natural glow in 2024.

3 || Preventative Procedures

As the saying goes, it’s wiser to prevent than to cure. Dermatologists and surgeons predict a trend toward preventive procedures in 2024. Specifically, we’re referring to skin rejuvenation treatments, such as radiofrequency devices designed for those seeking less invasive solutions. This indicates that individuals of younger ages will increasingly opt for facelifts to proactively address signs of aging and age gracefully over time.

4 || The Integration of AI

AI takes center stage in the beauty industry in 2024. Imagine AI examining facial features to steer virtual consultations, suggesting precise zones for neurotoxins, fillers, or laser treatments. Numerous surgeons currently employ 3D imaging, leveraging advanced techniques to construct a three-dimensional model of a patient’s face. This simulation helps envision potential surgical results and assists in planning treatments.

5 || Needle-Free Enhancements

The beauty industry has embraced needle-free technologies, focusing on enhancing elasticity, reducing fine lines, and strengthening muscles without the need for excessive injections. Treatments like Emface target the facial muscular structure, and when combined with a device like Exion, yield significant results. Utilizing a combination of ultrasound and radiofrequency treatments, effectively improves the skin’s elasticity.

6 || Minimally Invasive Necklifts

Next year, we anticipate a surge in popularity for minimally invasive neck lifts, thanks to cutting-edge techniques such as FaceTite and MyEllevate. The unique blend of liposuction and radio-frequency thermal energy in FaceTite promises unmatched skin-tightening results. Meanwhile, MyEllevate, a permanent stitching method, is set to play a crucial role in achieving neck lifts, all through tiny stab incisions.

7 || Regenerative Medicine

According to experts, regenerative medicines that use our own cells will dominate in 2024. Think treatments that include PRP, exosomes, and stem cells.