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Our Exclusive Interview With Lea Daher of Leaheals Bynature

Founded by Lea Daher, healed by nature is a space for anyone who wants to focus on promoting & balancing their well-being using all aspects of alternative medicine.

What is your definition of health?

Feeling happy & powerful in your body, be mindful & aware. Awareness & knowledge is always power to you & your well-being.

What does a holistic approach to health entail?


Holistic simply means we are addressing a person’s health as a “whole.” Everything is interconnected or related to one another, a person’s physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual, and financial health.

Paying attention to that person or to yourself in mind-body-spirit can bring out the healthiest, happiest version of ourselves.

What attracted you to alternative medicine?

I truly believe that it found me, I was in a very stuck & stagnant place in my life. I wasn’t really happy with what I was doing, didn’t feel like I found what I loved or wanted to do, I would easily get overwhelmed about that..

Fighting off some anxieties & depression I started to take herbal supplements & instantly felt the positive & comforting effects of them.  I quickly started researching schools, applied to one in New York, & went straight away, 4 years later I graduated with a degree as a certified herbalist.  Herbs helped me find my passion, I am forever grateful for that.

How does herbal medicine promote a healthy living?


Herbs support a healthier way of living, but it’s not alone they can promote that, that’s why herbalism & holistic stand side by side because it’s the whole picture again~~ It’s herbs Nourishing yourself with good food, maybe changing things that no longer serve you in your lifestyle, herbal medicine is a piece of living healthy.

How do medical plants work?

Plants or medicinal herbs are so incredibly powerful, & it’s such a gift that we have these amazing plant beings around us. 

I believe that all plants are super high in nutrients, vitamins, & minerals & can usually be multipurpose almost all plants will be generally good for your “gut, immunity, calming in a way, maybe even brain supportive” but there is so much more to each & every one of them, each one is going to have a special “superpower” or focus to one specific thing, Whether it’s cardiovascular health, nervous system support, reproductive system, whatever it is, they each have something special to offer.

Do you grow your own herbs?


Healed by nature is all about staying local, & sourcing the most organic & ethically sourced herbs. I only started about a year ago, so I have the things that are native to Jordan grow happy & healthy in my little greenhouse.

I am also experimenting with growing some non-native plants; some like Jordan’s terrain & have thrived here! Others not so much.  I source these from two trusted farms that I love & trust from school abroad.

Do you create your own blends?

For the most part, yes I’m proud to say that I have created all the blends HBN offers.

How do you source your herbs?


Most of the herbs in my Apothecary that aren’t native to Jordan are either coming from the U.S, Asia, India & some other Mediterranean countries like Greece & Croatia

What should one expect from an herbal consultation?

Pre-meeting up with the client, I send them an intake form to fill out, once they’ve filled it out they send it back over, we meet in person & chat some more about the symptoms or imbalances they’re experiencing.

Then I come up with a little protocol for them, this includes herbal teas, food tips on nutrition & nourishment, & lifestyle recommendations.  

The point of the consultations is to get to the root of health imbalances, rather than just treating things on a surface or symptom level. When you combine all the forces of nature together you can be “Healed by nature” 😉

How long does it take for the herbs to ‘work’ when it’s introduced to one’s health Regimen?

I usually like to check in at two weeks after implementing herbal teas, or their protocol.

Is herbal medicine completely safe because they are considered ‘natural’ products?

Herbs are absolutely safe, yes, but not for everybody or all the time. As a herbalist we need to consider the person’s health, if they have low/high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol etc..

We need to also consider things when dealing with pregnant mama’s (they can still take herbs, but not all, they should always consult their doctor or another health practitioner)

Lastly, I always look at if people are taking any specific pharmaceutical medications, things as beta-blockers, blood thinners, antidepressants! it doesn’t mean those herbs are not safe or you can’t take herbal supplements if you have any of these conditions, it just means we need to know so we can find you other alternative medicinal herbs

What are your top 3 teas?


I love them all! but if I had to choose, they would probably be Fighter as a calming one and keep my nervous system nourished, Warm Hug to support my immunity and Happy gut for my gut to stay happy 🙂

What are the traditional medical uses for local plants in Jordan?

Cumin, Anise, Fennel, Cardamom for digestive health, Thyme for throat & coughs, Rosemary for memory & brain health. Chamomile for anxiety, Sage for elders as a supportive herb to their bones and joints, Rose for the heart & grieving.

Every week I post a pretty detailed segment on a medicinal plant whether it’s a native one or not, I want my Instagram platform to be an education platform.

What does the future hold for Healed by Nature?

Maybe a one-stop shop in the near future hopefully, but mostly I want it to be a safe space of community, caring & nurturing for others, A sacred place of intention, light & laughter, constantly evolving, finding drive & passions, feeling empowered & enlightened, as I once was when I found my spark.