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Blooming Brilliance: Laith Maalouf’s Fashion Journey in Rome

Laith Maalouf’s star has risen to celestial heights, making a triumphant appearance, and dazzling the audience at the prestigious Mediterranean Sunset event in Rome. With the support of Jordan Fashion Week’s trailblazing founder and CEO, Shireen Rifai, and the esteemed backing of His Excellency Mr. Qais Abu Daieh, the Jordanian Ambassador to Rome. Organized by the Italian-Lebanese Cultural Institute and supported by the Med-Or foundation, the event provided a splendid backdrop for his unique vision of fashion. 

Amidst the awe-inspiring setting of Maxxi’s columns and Zaha Hadid’s curvilinear asymmetries, Maalouf showcased his latest “Bloom” collection, inspired by the enchanting beauty of cacti and their resplendent flowers.

Laith Maalouf
Jordan’s Ambassador to Rome, Shereen Rifaai & Laith Maalouf

Imagine a clothing line created by personifying the enigmatic lifecycle of a cactus that blooms. Just like the resilient cactus, this collection celebrates the strength and beauty found in unexpected places, reminding us that growth and transformation are possible even in the harshest conditions. With every stitch, Maalouf is redefining norms, pushing boundaries, and breaking stereotypes.

“As I witness the Laith’s captivating journey, my heart soars with pride. His multifaceted designs transcend aesthetics by seamlessly infusing audacious silhouettes and intricate art, adorning not only clientele in the region, but international ones as well. I stand in awe of his relentless pursuit of excellence, and I am proud to be part of the trailblazing journey of this extraordinary visionary! All of us at Jordan Fashion Week eagerly await the inspiring chapters that Laith will present us with in the future ahead!” Shereen Rifaii

The Bloom Couture collection draws its brilliance from the cactus’s journey as it flourishes with colorful flowers amidst the arid desert landscape. The designs are a seamless blend of sharp, edgy elements symbolizing the cactus’s tough exterior, and soft, flowing silhouettes representing the delicate blooms that emerge when the time is right.

Laith Maalouf
Laith Maalouf
Laith Maalouf
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The color palette mirrors the cactus’s stoic nature, featuring tones like deep greens, and muted blues. Just like how the cactus’s blossoms burst forth in a riot of vibrant hues, pops of bold colors like yellow, coral, and turquoise are vivaciously present throughout the collection. The fabrics are a testament to the cactus’s resilience. Luxurious, durable structured and sturdy which are juxtaposed with airy, breathable textiles.  Each piece is carefully crafted to withstand the test of time while allowing the wearer to move freely and effortlessly.  Embroidery and embellishments play a crucial role in this collection, sequins and beads are meticulously stitched onto the pieces shimmering like droplets of dew on a cactus’s blooms. 

As an artistic expression of the cactus’s journey Maalouf’s Bloom collection empowers the wearer to embrace their inner strength and beauty, encouraging them to blossom brilliantly, even in the most challenging circumstances. With each piece, the collection encapsulates the spirit of the cacti, inspiring wearers to stand tall and proud, ready to bloom in their unique and extraordinary way.