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Beauty Travel Issues

Beauty Travel Issues & Their Solutions

After all the careful planning for our much-anticipated vacation, it is finally time to embark on our journey. The moment we step onto the plane, we let our minds drift into daydreams until the aircraft wakes us up! The dry and dehydrating conditions on the flight can pose challenges for our skin and hair if not managed correctly. So let’s delve into the common issues travelers face while flying and discover the remedies to address them.

FYI, you should never skip your sunblock when flying, as the UV exposure increases significantly at 30,000 feet.

1 || Greasy Hair

Beauty Travel Issues

Even if you leave washing your hair till the very last moment before heading to the airport, it can still get greasy after a long flight. And this happens due to the dry environment, limited airflow, stress, and sweat. To maintain fresh-looking hair during a long flight, make sure to stay hydrated & drink plenty of water, tie your hair up or use a hairband to minimize scalp contact, and Use dry shampoo or oil-absorbing hair products.

2 || Dry Hands Due To Alcohol

Beauty Travel Issues

One really annoying issue we experience during flights is having super dry hands. While the dry environment on the plane is a contributing factor, for some reason, our hands keep feeling dirty regardless of how often we clean them. The excessive use of alcohol-based products can worsen dryness. In this case, it’s essential to use a moisturizer, not just a hydrator (yep, there is a difference), or perhaps a combination of both. Begin by applying a hydrator to infuse the skin with moisture, followed by sealing in that moisture with a moisturizer. Using a hydrator alone in such a dry atmosphere can actually draw water out of your skin, attempting to make the environment more humid but leaving your skin even drier!

3 || Makeup-Wearing On Flights

Beauty Travel Issues

Should we wear makeup during a flight? It really depends. Ideally, traveling makeup-free is the best choice, or at least removing your makeup once you’re on the plane. Leaving makeup on for a long time can lead to clogged pores and potential skin breakouts (Imagine keeping it on & arriving too tired to remove it!). Also, you’ll not be able to hydrate and moisturize your skin properly when your makeup is on.

If you plan to sleep during the flight, it’s especially crucial to remove your makeup with micellar water. This ensures your skin can breathe and rejuvenate during rest.

However, for short flights, you may choose to wear makeup, but it’s essential to make smart choices. Opt for mineral or non-comedogenic makeup that won’t block the skin’s pores and cause issues.

4 || Travel-Size Toiletry Bottles

Beauty Travel Issues

Imagine carrying all those expensive beauty products on a long flight to a hot destination. Unfortunately, the combination of heat and flight pressure is likely to ruin them, causing them to lose their effectiveness. No one wants that!

That’s where travel-size toiletry bottles come to the rescue. These containers prove to be incredibly useful in such situations, as they allow you to take only a small amount of the product with you.

5 || You Cannot Take Your Full Routine

Beauty Travel Issues

Your extensive 20-step skincare routine may not be practical during a holiday. Instead, think of the five most important products for your skincare needs, the essentials you can’t live without. This way, you can maintain an effective and streamlined regimen while enjoying your vacation.

6 || Breakout 

Beauty Travel Issues

Have you ever arrived at your destination with an unwelcomed pimple? You are not alone. It can happen due to various reasons, like traveling with makeup, stress, disrupting your normal routine, and clogged pores caused by dirt and grease build-ups. The solution is simple: travel without makeup (or use non-comedogenic makeup for short flights), use SPF and nail your skincare routine once you land.