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Mental Detox Is Your Best Way To Start 2021

2020 has definitely got some good happy moments, it also taught us so much, the hard way of course. But that doesn’t deny the fact that it was also STRESSFUL… It put so much pressure on our brains, made us question a lot of things; people, relationships, and even our own selves. Though I believe that everything we got is now and you create your own beginnings whenever you decide to, but the start of a year marks a beginning too. This means that 2021 might be a great opportunity for a fresh start, a blank page that you fill with new good things for a better you.

Whenever we hear the words “detox” or “declutter” the first things that come to mind are body cleansing or space decluttering. And while detoxing your body and decluttering your home or office are really important for your well being, they are not enough if your brain is full of negative thoughts or you live with a bunch of toxic people and bad relationships. It all starts in the head, you need to clear it out every now and then to reach that beautiful feeling of inner peace.

Social media platforms, our fast-changing world, the need for being original, and the continuous want to fit in, are more reasons that put extra stress on our brains. If you didn’t find healthy ways to deal with this stress and if you didn’t clear your brain from such toxic thoughts, you are limiting your mind creativity. Ok, so how do you do a mental detox for a healthier, clearer, and more focused mind.

1 || Empty Your Mind Of Negative Thoughts

Declutter your thoughts exactly like you declutter your wardrobe. Grab a piece of paper or sit in front of a mirror and write or talk about any situations, people, or relationships that are bothering you. Speak freely without judging yourself. Then think of how you want to deal with it. You can make this a weekly or even daily habit to maintain your inner piece.

2 || Reassess Your Relationships

Only because you have known someone for so long doesn’t mean you are obligated to keep them in your life. They say you are the five persons you surround yourself with, so choose these people wisely. Ask yourself whether a certain relationship is making you feel better or not? Is your partner a good addition to your life? Or is he making it harder? Some friends are energy suckers; complaining about everything is their lifestyle… Sadly, others act like they are happy for you but deep inside they are not. Make an effort to know who you want to keep in your life and who you want to say “thank you next” to. It’s not easy but reaching your inner peace needs some sacrifices.

3 || Meditate

Make it a habit to start your day off with meditation. Meditation and breathing exercises can make positive physiological changes to the autonomous nervous system. Any time you experience stress during the day your body responds to it in ways that affect it negatively. But when you meditate you help in triggering the body’s relaxation response by putting your body and mind in a calm state preventing any stress damage.

Don’t worry if you haven’t found “the zone” yet, you’ll still find some moments of peace and mindfulness that will help you to relax.

4 || Detox Your Social Media

Whether we like it or not, we spend a huge part of our day on social media, it is becoming our new reality. Spending so much time on our phones is really bad for our mental health on its own, so imagine how bad it’s gonna be if we are looking at negative content or even positive content that makes us feel bad about ourselves and our lives. Grab your phone and unfollow every and each account that you are not interested in anymore, or that makes you feel bad for any reason. Remember to stop comparing your life to the ones you see on social media; everyone got their own circumstances and we all have some ups and downs regardless of the tiny happy moments we choose to share on social media.

5 || Social Media Fasting

We all admit that social media can be overwhelming sometimes. All the information, news, and ideas that your mind needs to process every second add so much pressure on it. So the best thing you can do for your own mental health is social media fasting. Pick a day every week to enjoy your life away from your phone. Believe me, your brain will thank you for that.