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Blue-Light And Hair Loss || Could There Be A Connection?

Smartphones already play a really important role in our lives. And this role has accelerated during the long lockdowns of the last year. As we have been forced to run most of our work online, the average hours of sitting in front of our screens have raised… majorly. So we become more exposed to blue-light which too much of it can affect our overall health badly. I am sure you’ve heard about its effects on your sleep, eyes, skin, and brain health but little did you know that it is also linked to hair loss.

How? As we mentioned, too much screen time can cause insomnia. Sleep deprivation triggers hair-loss episodes called telogen effluvium, in which the hair-growth cycle gets disrupted and in effect “stuck” in its resting phase followed by massive hair shedding.

Another thing is that when you don’t have enough sleep, cortisol levels go up. And as you know, stress can wreak havoc on your hair and your health in general.

While there is no proven evidence that too much blue-light can accelerate genetic pattern hair loss for both men and women, it is still necessary to limit your screen time for your overall health and well-being.

The bottom line? Blue-light does not directly cause premature hair loss, but the stress and lack of sleep it causes are the reasons behind hair thinning.