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The Biggest Fitness Trends That Will Shape up Your Workouts in 2021

Our fitness resolutions will look so much different in 2021. We have created a whole new workout formula to keep our physical and mental health on track even when we can’t go to the gym. For many, fitness has become part of their lifestyles as a result of COVID-19 either for a better health or to fill their spare time and find a new work/life balance. Trips for afternoon coffees and post-office runs have been replaced with HIIT sessions, pilates and meditation apps.

1 || Mind/Body Connection

During the lockdown a lot of us have experienced going under so much stress and anxiety. This may be due to job-related stress, home-schooling and financial and health concerns. That said, we started looking for healthy ways to help us relax and keep our mental and body health on track. That’s why workouts that help relax the mind and body muscles such as yoga and pilates have went viral during the last year. Meditation has also became part of a lot of peoples’ daily lives.

In 2021, these body/mind connection exercises will even become more and more popular.

2 || Outdoors Fitness

For some people, hiking and daily walks around our local areas were the result of no-social-plans weekends. Others started to discover camping life during lockdowns weekends. Studies show that walking became a top new activity for cyclists on the platform between April and June last year, resulting in uploads of outdoor walks increasing by a third overall in 2020.

With that said, walking will stay to be our go to activity during 2021 as it is a low-impact fitness that allows us to enjoy nature while releasing bad energy for a mental health boost.

3 || Remote Coaching

Remote coaching was the obvious result of closing gyms. It’s a great way to keep you motivated. The decision of closing gyms wasn’t easy for all of us, especially for those gym addicts, but it encouraged many gyms to expand their online presence making it easier for their members to continue their classes wherever they are. Though we are hoping to go back to gyms soon, it is expected that many people will still choose the remote classes as they find it safer and easier.

4 || Home Gyms Are Going Big

As gyms closed, many fitness enthusiasts invested in creating a workout space at their homes no matter how luxurious or simple it is. That’s why 2020 has witnessed a huge increase in the sales of dumbbells, yoga mats, and home gym equipments.. Home gyms aren’t for a specific class of people anymore, they are for everyone. They save you a lot of money and time, and they are safer.

5 || Virtual Fitness Challenges

We have came up with a lot of fitness challenges during the past lockdown to motivate each other to move for a better health. And it is expected that 2021 will bring us more of these social media fun and encouraging challenges.

6 || Wearable Tech

When we say wearable tech, first things that comes to mind are fitness trackers and smartwatches. But heart rate monitors and GPS trackers (for charting cycling and running routes) were also so popular in 2020. These technologies come in handy to keep you on track with your goals, they offer specific data to make fitness more personalised. In the coming years we will be seeing a whole new level to high-tech workouts.

7 || Online Workouts

Online workouts videos on instagram and YouTube were so popular even before COVID-19. And they are here to stay. Also, the downloads of workouts apps have gone viral in the past year. All that was a result of closed gyms and health concerns. However, it is expected that a lot of people will stick to online classes even after gyms open their doors again.