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Wardrobe For Weight Loss

Adjusting Your Wardrobe For Weight Loss

Weight loss and fashion have seemingly gone hand in hand for a long time. In a study on the social organization of weight work, researchers note that larger bodies do different “work” than thin bodies. One such type of “work” relates to clothes shopping and getting dressed — there are limited clothing options for heavier adult women. Despite some positive progress in body weight acceptance in fashion and media over the years, this progress has had little impact on the weight work expectations of people with overweight or obesity.

Today, weight loss has become a more tangible, science-backed concept as people have increased access to healthy, sustainable weight loss solutions and weight loss medication. However, there is still an ongoing struggle to maintain motivation for weight loss as the process can come with setbacks. Some of these setbacks may affect your wardrobe, as older clothes may no longer fit due to the changes in body weight.
Still, this is certainly something you can prepare for. By practicing self-compassion, you can stay motivated no matter what size you and your clothes are. Some people may even find success in rewarding themselves with newer, form-fitting clothes throughout their weight loss journey. Below, we’ll look at some more ways you can adjust your wardrobe to match your weight loss journey:

Consider shapewear

Shapewear, or body-shaping lingerie, can make a world of difference for your old clothes. An overlooked benefit of wearing shapewear is that it can help improve your posture, encouraging you to stand with your back straighter.
Of course, a key benefit to shapewear is that it provides a feminine silhouette for your body, giving you the much sought-after hourglass figure that will suit any everyday look and formalwear. As such, these can go well with even the most casual airport outfits. You can pair your shapewear with your older, looser clothes — a simple white tee, a sweater, or a relaxed-shaped dress — as your enhanced silhouette will still shine.

Invest in belts

Another wardrobe adjustment you can consider is a belt or two. For one, belts help you keep your existing clothing as they help cinch your clothes. Including a belt in your outfit can create a more tailored and fitted look without buying new clothing.
At the same time, belts are a popular fashion accessory that helps add color or accent to your overall outfit, enhancing your look’s cohesion and style. You can also buy ratchet-style belts — hole-less belts that can be adjusted to your preferred fit — perfect to match the changes your body may experience during your weight loss journey. While ratchet-style bets were once primarily made for men, stylish women’s options are available on the market today.

Go for monochromatic colors

Finally, it’s often best to go back to the basics. While many fashion enthusiasts believe black is a slimming color, the truth is more straightforward. Today, monochromatic looks have become popular as a chic and subtle display of minimalism.

Monochrome khaki looks dominated at the recent Copenhagen Fashion Week 2023, and rightly so, as various guests showed the color scheme’s versatility and fashionable aesthetic. Monochrome outfits also create a continuous visual illusion that helps elongate your silhouette, making you appear taller and slimmer. At the same time, monochromatic clothing is also easy to mix and match with your current wardrobe.

Ultimately, these minor adjustments to your wardrobe can help keep you confident and motivated throughout your weight loss journey. To help save costs and prevent shopping for new clothes every time your body changes during weight loss, simple accessories such as belts and shapewear can help enhance your existing wardrobe.