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You Don’t Have To Sacrifice Style For Comfort In Your Next Airport Outfit

Now that you have made sure you packed all the essentials you need at your destination, from that designer beach bag to your tried-and-tested swimsuits, there is only one thing left to think about! Yes, it is the outfit you’ll be wearing to the airport.

When it comes to the travel outfit you will embark on your journey with, it can be tricky to strike the right balance between the comfort you need in the airport and on your flight and that polished appearance you need upon arrival. So here are some of the best airport outfits that won’t force you to sacrifice style for comfort.

1 || The Long-Haul Flights Outfit

Yes, your favorite jeans paired with a simple white tee or a sweater sound like the perfect flight attire, but that denim will suddenly become stiff and restrictive when airborne. The tee is too cold, and the sweater is too hot.

Long-haul flights call for extreme comfort, think elasticated waistbands, soft fabrics, and cozy buildable layers.

Not sure where to start? Begin with a cardigan coat and wear it with a sweatpant, a white tee, your favorite sandal, and a basic tote bag. Add your fav accessories and ta-da.

2 || The Beach-Ready Travel Outfit

If you are the type of person who loves to hit the beach the moment you see the sand, don’t waste any vacation time and opt for a comfy yet fashionable travel outfit that gives you those beachy vibes before you even arrive. Consider a relaxed-shaped maxi dress with soft fabric. Top with a sweater or coverup when you get cold. Pair with a stylish straw hat and some statement sandals, and let the show begins 😉

3 || The Less Is More Travel Outfit

Relaxed tailoring is the way to go. Think of a full-white look that is minimal yet striking. When going the minimal or quiet luxury path, the trick is to opt for well-fitting basics with complementary hues. Try an off-white outfit such as a white cropped top and white straight-leg pants if you’re heading to sunnier regions for a fresh and casual look. Such pieces will allow you to pack less as they can be worn more than one time, and can be mixed and matched with your other holiday-ready garments.

4 || The Mom-Approved Travel Outfit

Traveling with kids? You’ll need an outfit that hits both boxes: practicality and style. For your clothing, opt for a comfortable button-up shirt and jeans. Complete the look with your comfiest, and possibly most colorful, sneakers (so your kids can find you easily). Additionally, make sure to have a roomy holdall to carry all the essentials, along with a smaller cross-body bag.

5 || The Casual Travel Outfit

If you view your holiday as a much-needed break from everything, including concerns about your appearance, and simply wish to embrace a relaxed and casual style, the ideal outfit for you would comprise a loose-fitting tee, classic jeans, comfortable flip-flops, and perhaps a spacious bag to hold your belongings.

6 || The Bussiness Travel Outfit

If you are traveling for work you need an outfit that will serve you all day long, from the moment you hit the flight to afternoon meetings, all the way to post-work drinks. The best outfit choice is the suit. Go for one with a modern cut and color so you don’t look too formal. And please sacrifice those heels with a chic pair of flats.