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Metabolism Hack

Metabolism Hack You Need To Know About

Your metabolism levels determine the quality of your life, so keeping it healthy should be a priority. One of the things that can negatively affect your metabolism is blood sugar levels, which makes tracking sugar levels very important for your overall health. Little did we know that our blood sugar rates are affected not only by food but also by exercise, stress, sleep time and quality, and dehydration. So, how do you track glucose levels and manage your cravings?

Are you familiar with those small devices designed to monitor blood sugar levels in real-time? These gadgets are commonly used by individuals managing diabetes to regulate their blood sugar. However, what’s interesting is that these tools have the potential to benefit anyone seeking to enhance their overall well-being.

So, why is it crucial to track glucose?

The short answer to this is to avoid the risk of insulin resistance or even pre-diabetes or diabetes. 

When you eat, your body breaks down the food into glucose, which gives you energy. Your pancreas releases insulin, a hormone that helps your muscles and fat cells take in glucose for fuel. Your cells can either use glucose right away or store it as fat for later. But if there are too many sudden increases in glucose and insulin, it can cause problems like insulin resistance, pre-diabetes, or even diabetes.

How do these devices work? 

To track your glucose levels and gain insights into how your food choices and daily habits affect your body, you simply insert a small sensor beneath your skin, typically on your belly or arm. The device continuously monitors your glucose levels and provides valuable information.

What are the effects of using CGM? 

You won’t believe how tracking your glucose levels 24/7 and seeing how your body responds to different foods can affect you psychologically and change your eating habits.

For instance, you’ll be able to know which foods cause spikes in your blood sugar levels and which ones disrupt your sleep. Knowing this, you can make adjustments to your meal timing if you discover that consuming carbs during the day leads to a smaller glucose spike that doesn’t interfere with your sleep. Alternatively, you may develop the habit of engaging in activities or exercises after consuming carbs at night to burn any excess blood sugar in your system.

Additionally, by using a CGM device like Dexcom and linking it to an app on your phone even your workout habits will change. You’ll know it is time to get moving when you get a notification that you have a glucose spike. 

These devices are particularly beneficial for individuals above 50 years old, as their metabolic rates tend to change.

However, it’s important to note that CGM devices are not magic, they only alert you when your blood glucose is spiking, indicating that you are in a weight gain mode so that you can take appropriate action. We think a CGM system is definitely worth considering for the potential benefits it can bring to your health and well-being.